Brownstown-Sefton News Aug. 26, 2010

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By The Staff

By Panzi Blackwell


Farewell To A Friend, Don “Ferd” Funk
Donald “Ferd” Funk was a faithful reader of our columns and articles. He showed his support by his interest and participation. He consented to be the subject of feature stories more than once, each time on a different subject.
The last time was in his role of “Santa’s helper,” probably his favorite role, except those of husband, dad and grandpa.
He supported and volunteered many hours in community and county projects and causes. His presence is already missed. His memorial service was held Saturday.
Hanging in a prominent place in the First United Methodist Church sanctuary was his Santa Claus suit, and it appeared oh, so empty.
I thought back to the last time I saw that suit, last December. Ferd was wearing it, seated in his favorite recliner-swivel chair, in front of their large living room picture window. He was enjoying himself immensely as he waved to the cars, which stopped and honked. Then, as I looked at the Santa Claus suit, while reflecting on that evening, it didn’t seem so empty.
A woman behind me commented, “I almost expect the arm to wave,” and I thought, Ferd would have chuckled at that comment … and would have been pleased. And I realized that while Ferd had passed on, he left the essence of his love and enjoyment of life, of people and of doing for others with us.
The suit represented the spirit of Christmas love and caring, of kindness and compassion, of loyalty, commitment and sacrifice in terms of time, energy and self, for others, the very essence of Ferd himself.
While Ferd enjoyed his role every Christmas, typical of his humbleness, he didn’t claim to be Santa Claus, but told the children he was “Santa’s helper,” and spun yarns, such as Santa’s reindeer staying in his garage sometimes.
But his contributions to his family, friends, employers, employees, organizations, county and community went far beyond his “Santa Claus” image.
He gave his heart to Ellie when they were still very young, when he worked at Liberty Theatre as an usher and she worked in a nearby restaurant. She, in turn, gave him her love and devotion, and the love affair lasted more than 60 years – not until death did they part. His works and deeds here are now legend.
All who were recipients of his friendliness and contagious, endearing grin, and whose lives his compassion and kindness have touched, either directly or indirectly, are the better for it.
While Ferd’s grin always seemed to retain the delightful youthfulness and, yes, a hint of mischief of a child, his heart and deeds reflected his commitment, maturity and sensitivity to the needs of others.
Ferd often called Panzi’s Partyline Show with some interesting local history or told of the wildlife he and Ellie were watching at their lakeside home. One morning he called and described the eagles sitting in the trees on the lake, and later sent pictures of them.
Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife, Ellie; and daughters, Kay and Judy, and their families. Thanks for sharing him throughout the years. He made a difference.
Along The Lane
Walking along the lane has been pure pleasure, as there are countless beautiful butterflies floating and fluttering about, sometimes even lighting on my shirt and riding for a few seconds. There are different colors, but my favorites are the blue and black ones.
However, the bright yellow ones are also pretty. The ticks and mosquitoes seem to have lessened in numbers. I haven’t seen any grasshoppers or wooly-worms yet, but I am looking for the annual wooly-worm exodus across the lane from neighbor Scott’s pasture to our woods.
Spider webs are every place and they seem to reweave them after you pass through and brush them down.
Sefton Township
Churches Convention
The 128th Sefton Township Churches’ Convention will be held this year on Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. at Liberty Christian Church, located 5½ miles north of Brownstown.
Each church will present specials, and John Heischer will be the speaker. An ice cream social will follow in the church fellowship room.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Kyle Anderson, Dan Largent, Paul Zak and Noma Moore.
Coming & Going
Shirley, Flo and Phyllis
Eat Out
Shirley Klitzing, Flo Allen and Phyllis Pryor enjoyed lunch at Los Amigos Restaurant in Vandalia. Karen Denning of St. Elmo, Anita Smith of Vandalia and Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter joined them.
Roommates Reunion
Joann Strobel recently spent a few days with George and Doris Keller in Momence.  Joe and Lois Putnam, of Gilbert, Ariz., were also there.
The three ladies were college roommates during all four years of college and graduated together. They spent their time together talking and catching up on everyone’s lives.
They spent one day at Starved Rock State Park and two days attending the annual Gkadiola Festival in Momence. Two days were enjoyed canoeing and kayaking down the Kankakee River, a new fun-experience for Joann and Lois.
Gwendolyn Paige Kort
Has Arrived
Gwendolyn Paige Kort arrived on Aug. 18, 2010, daughter of Joshua and Kelsie (Klitzing) Kort of Arnold, Mo. She weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 inches long. She came well-supplied with a welcoming, loving family of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents … and she is Lucille Fisher’s great-great granddaughter.
Grandparents are Mike and Maria Klitzing of Beecher City, and Mr. and Mrs. John Kort of Festus, Mo., Jean and the late John Kort of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., and Carol and Nancy Tigheisen of Nekoosa, Wisc.
Great-grandparents are Helen and the late “Spud” Klitzing, and George and the late Martha, Mette of Effingham. Great-great grandparents are Lucille and the late Grover Fisher of Brownstown.
Grandma Maria and her children visited little Gwendolyn and her parents Saturday and Sunday, and stayed at a motel Saturday night.
First Christian Church Hold Ice Cream Social
The First Christian Church held an all-church sing and ice cream social at the church, Sunday.
Hosted by the Women’s Ministry, everyone was invited to take their own favorite ice cream and toppings to share. The church dining room was full, with everyone enjoying eating and singing. There was also a time of devotion and the Lord’s Supper was served.
Brownstown UMW Meet
The Brownstown United Methodist Women met Thursday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. at the church.
Carol Severns presided over the meeting, their first local meeting since May, and therefore involving much business to be discussed. Business discussed included the following:
•Upcoming meetings: Sept. 16-at 6 p.m.-local units salad supper, with Pastor Bigley as guest. Installation of officers for 2011 will also be at this time.
•Sept. 21-districe annual meeting in Paris. Call Carol Severns for reservations by Sept. 15; $7 charge for lunch.
Zandra Sidwell and Geraldine Goldsboro, nominating committee, announced the new officers for 2011 as follows:
President-Carol Severns; vice president-Marilyn Yakel; secretary-Carol Henna; treasurer-Vernus Lytle; spiritual growth-Vernus Lytle and Carol Severns; membership-Phyllis Bruno; membership nurturing outreach-Connie Green; program resourses-Billy Anna Forbis; and chair nominating committee-Zandra Sidwell and Geralding Goldsboro.
The treasurer’s report was given. Marilyn Yakel made a motion to give an extra donation to Cunningham Children’s Home and the Lessie Bates Davis Center. The amount was discussed and all voted to make the donation.
Yakel also made a motion that next year’s pledge be increased. Forbis seconded the motion and it was voted to do so. The 2011 budget was set and approved.
Refreshments were served by Marilyn Yakel. The group made party favors for the upcoming visit to Brookstone Assisted Living facility in October.
Members present were: Carol Severns, Marilyn Yakel, Flo Allen, Connie Green, Phyllis Bruno, Billy Anna Forbis and Carol Henna.
The next meeting will be Sept. 16, with a salad supper. All ladies are welcome. Take a salad and join the group at Brownstown Christian Church.
Sefton Unit HCE Officers
Attend IAHCE Workshop
Flo Allen, president of Fayette County Home and Community Education District 6, drove as Phyllis Pryor, first vice president, Shirley Klitzing, cultural enrichment and international director, and Panzi Blackwell, public relations director, traveled to Mt. Vernon Thursday on Aug. 19 to attend the Illinois Association for Home and Community Education Districts 6 and 7 workshop, held at the Holiday Inn.
Each one attended the workshop pertaining to their office and came away with new and useful information to allow them to better serve their office.
Also attending from Fayette County were: Anita Smith, community outreach director; Irene Reed, family issues director; Dorothy Harpster, treasurer; Joyce Moore, co-second vice-president; and Carrie Hill of Vandalia Day Unit.
The registration room held several tables of displays and projects of the various units present.
All attending assembled in the main room and were welcomed by Debbie Borries, district director. Treasa Brookman led the pledge to the flag, the aim and the creed. President Marilyn Daughatee greeted all and introduced Susan Taylor, liaison person.
Each then reported to their assigned rooms for their workshop, reconvening in the main room for lunch. A humorous skit was given naming the “Top Ten Reasons” to Join IAHCE.  Susan Taylor, Extension educator, gave an interesting and informative presentation on “The five keys of credit for today.”
The theme for next year, “Circus Extravaganza” was revealed by colorful clowns (HCE members) suddenly bursting into the room and mingling among the crowd, before assembling in row with posters announcing the theme, which will begin in January.
It was announced that two awards will be given (one for appliqué and one for pieced design) for handmade blankets with a circus theme. They will be judged at the conference.
Fayette County HCE Board Meeting
The Fayette County Home and Community Education Board met at the Extension Office in Vandalia, with the following present: from Sefton Unit-Flo Allen, president; Phyllis Pryor, first vice president; Shirley Klitzing, cultural enrichment and International; Panzi Blackwell, public relations; from Wheatland-Joyce Moore, co-second vice-president, and Karen Hyde, representative; from St. Peter-Dorothy Harpster, from St. Elmo-Karen Denning; from Vandalia Day-Anita Smith, family outreach; and Carrie Hill, representative.
President Allen called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and led the pledge to the American flag. The financial report was given by Dorothy Harpster and stood as read.
Phyllis Pryor, who attended the IAHCE Workshop, held Aug. 19 at Mt. Vernon, reported on the following:
•”Five Keys to Credit,” informative presentation given by Susan Taylor.
•Packet given by first vice-president Nympha White regarding lessons.
•A chart of the hierarchy order of the Association of Home and Community Education.
•New pages for the gray guide book, which is available for purchase. She shared that it is the duty of the first vice-president to keep the pages up-dated.
•She distributed informative sheets to the members pertaining to their office.
Smith gave direction sheets for making children’s dresses for the project of “Dresses for Africa.”
•She stated that recycling had been stressed at the workshop.
•She distributed informative sheets of the Labels Collection project.
Klitzing reported that the International Dinner, featuring Israel, will be held at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo on Oct.28, with registration at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. The speaker will be the Rev. John Eisfelder. The units are responsible for the following duties: St. Elmo-decorating (Karen Denning agreed to decorate); registration-Sefton; drinks-Wright’s Corner; food placement-Vandalia Day; and cleanup-St. Peter, Bingham, Ramsey, and Wheatland, with all assisting.
The past and present officers’ lunch will be held Monday, Oct. 25 at The Depot. Klitzing will make the arrangements.
Allen announced next year’s theme will be “Circus Extravaganza,” beginning in January 2011. Allen announced the need for a board secretary.
Allen asked that anyone with samples or ideas for small crafts take them to a meeting.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for the Sunday morning worship service.
Pastor Bigley welcomed those present and reviewed the announcements.
Appreciation was voiced to Mike Wirz for placing flower arrangements on the altar table in memory of Alan and Rosalie Wirz, Bill and Mary Connerly, and Louis and Marianna Yates.
Anniversary blessings were sung for Gary and Judy Watson’s 45th anniversary.
Gary Watson and Hubert Williams received the offering. Bigley delivered the sermon and closed the service with the benediction. Jenna Townsend led the children’s worships and fellowship before Sunday school.
•Sept. 2-First Thursday “Prayer and Fasting,” sponsored by Illinois Great Rivers United Methodist Church Conference. Focus is for those who work, who are looking for work, who are being called to a particular vocation, and for the world’s people to find meaning in work.
•Sept. 21 at 9 a.m. Embarras River District UMW Annual Meeting at Paris UMC. Lunch reservations needed by Sept. 15. Gifts for Cunningham Children’s Home and Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, East St. Louis, will be taken to the meeting.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Chris and Sherry Meador. Susan Smith, Judy Pilger and Matthew Smith led the congregation in singing songs of praise. Pianist was Robin Lovett, guitarists were Chuck Enlow and Rick Cox. Mitchell Smith was the drummer.
Mathew Smith contributed special music. John Robinson preached the sermon. Charlie Watson led the Communion meditation and prayer.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m.. nursery-Marcia Pemberton; toddler worship-Tena and Tiffany Gould; Quest-4-Christ-Michael Watson and Quest-4-Christ team; and Communion to shut-ins- Steve Storm.
•Ladies-Beth Moore Study returns on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 6 p.m.
•Michael Watson to preach, Sunday, Aug. 29, for the a.m. worship time.
•Youth meetings begin on Wednesday, Sept. 1.
Note Change
•Xtreme Zone, the after-school program (K-5th grade) changed days to Wednesdays this year, 3:30-5 p.m. A permission slip is needed for the kids to ride the church van.
•Wednesday Night Lights (6-12 grades) will begin at the church that day, from 6:30-8 p.m.
•Family camp at Bond Christian Camp is on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3 – 6, camp out (tents/campers) or stay in the dorms. Registration forms available at the Welcome Center.
•Back to Church Sunday-Sept. 12. All BFCC members, their friends and family are encouraged to attend.   
•The preacher is cooking on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 5:30 p.m.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Margaret Luster and welcomed with the call to worship. Stef Anderson, Katie Carson and Buffy Chandler, led in songs of praise, accompanied by Eddie Carson on drums, Dick Childress-guitar; piano-Connie Largent; keyboard-Tammy Carson; sound-Tom Mayes; and Power Point-Teresa Mayes.
Delmar Miller shared the praises and prayer request, and led in prayer. Olivia and Belle Anderson contributed special music.
Jim Dann delivered the message. Paul Parkison led the Communion meditation and prayer. Kyle Anderson led the offering prayer. Bill Robison gave the benediction.
Also serving: welcome center: Brian Smith; serving at the table: Paul Parkison, Bill Robison; serving the congregation: Charles Moore, Brad Smith, Frank Stringfield, Kyle Anderson, Bob Buzzard, Barry Jennings; assistants: Luke Robison, Tony Bearden; ushers: Junior Carson, Duane Carson; nursery: Deb Parkison, McKenzie Parkison, Paitlyn Miller; Communion preparation: Tammy Carson; and Communion rounds: John Willms, Craig Daughtery.
•Bow Hunter Rendezvous –Friday, Sept. 17, 4 p.m. at Bond Christian Camp. Take your gear and bow-hunting stories and meet up with bow hunters from area churches. Cost-$25.  
•See You At The Pole-Sept. 22.