Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

Trauma on the Homestead
(Or ‘A Close Encounter of the Worst Kind’)
Katy, the new Homestead (puppy) Critter, seems to have a talent for escaping her pen (which is plenty roomy, has a gazebo, and a good view of the house and the goings-on, thereof).
The first time, she learned to unfasten the gate. The second time, she dug a hole under the fence. The good thing is, both times she stayed near the house, although we weren’t home and as she hadn’t seemed to bother anything or anybody, there seemed to be no real problem … we thought.
When I arrived home last Wednesday afternoon, she was just sitting there, as if waiting for me and looking very innocent. When Bill got home, he closed off the escape route and everything seemed to be under control.
We did mention that we hadn’t seen Callie, the kitty, who was outside, but we just figured she was napping someplace.
Bill went to church and I became a little concerned about Callie’s absence, as it was getting dusk, and a coyote might grab her,
She had been declawed before coming to the Homestead, so she didn’t have much defense against a coyote.
I began calling her and shining the flashlight around. She didn’t come to me, which is unusual. Getting concerned, I continued to call her and shining the light from the deck.
As I was bringing the beam back around, it glanced off a tree and I caught a movement in the leaves. Looking closer, it was the tip end of Callie’s tail.
She was about 12 feet up in the fork of a tree and couldn’t get back down, as she was facing downhill and she didn’t have front claws to help her.
Bill came home, climbed up the ladder and rescued her, while I held the lantern.
She was so grateful to Bill, she stayed at his feet the rest of the evening.
She wouldn’t go outside for two days and still won’t go near the back yard. She glares and switches her tail at Katy through the patio door.
We will never know the real story, but we imagine that Katy got out and surprised Callie. Callie took off running, and Katy, puppy-like, gave chase.
Callie, going straight up that tree with no front claws, must have been a sight to behold. Her back feet must have been whirling like buzz saw blades!
The tree may have very well saved her life, as Katy has sharp teeth and may have injured her, just playing with her.
We estimate that Callie was in that awkward position for at least seven hours. She wasn’t very agile that night and didn’t seem inclined to pester Josie at all. She was content to just lie at Bill’s feet and snuggle against his shoe.
Coming Up in Our Community
Blood Drive Wednesday, Oct. 5 …
… at the elementary school cafeteria, from 2-7 p.m.
The Brownstown High School National Honor Society and Student Council are hosting the blood drive and are inviting anyone who would like to donate blood. Students will be able to give blood during the school day from 2-3:15 p.m.
Golden Years Club Ham & Beans Dinner
The dinner is on Saturday, Oct. 13, with a menu of ham and beans, corn bread, desserts and drinks. This is a fundraiser for the Golden Years Club. More information later.   
Purses! Purses! Purses! & Bake Sale
This benefit for the Brownstown Branch Library is on Saturday, Oct. 13, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Brownstown Firehouse on U.S. Route 40 in Brownstown. This is a benefit for the Brownstown Branch Library. More information later.
132nd Homecoming …
… at Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church is Sunday, Oct. 14, with a church service at 11 a.m. A potluck dinner will follow service at 12:15.
There will be a short program during the morning service this year, and not an afternoon program.
The afternoon will be spent visiting with former members and friends of the Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church.
Local Celebrations
October birthdays: Billyanna Forbis, Kendra Lwao, Sherry Dunahee, Pam Orr, Nevaeh Sullens, Marilyn Francis, Don Koonce, Marty Evans, Louella Christensen, Kay Henna, Martin Behrends, Carol  Calhoun, Raychael Orr, Pam Gurtner, Manny Grames, CaydinVaughn and Zachary Townsend.
Anniversaries: Junior and JoAnn Gelsinger, Dale and Kay Henna, Tim and Sherry Dunahee, and Chipasha and Kendra Lawo.
Coming & Going
Cadin Ward visits Homestead Cows
Young neighbor Cadin Ward, who will soon celebrate his first birthday, came with his Grandma Deb down the Homestead lane to visit the Longhorn family: Betsy, Geneva (the Bartels girl), Red and the two youngsters.   
He laughed at them and “moo-ed” to them when they came up to the fence.
Grandma Deb shared that he liked to watch them and “moo” at them from across the road, where grandma and grandpa live. Cadin and Grandma delivered a package which had been left at their house by mistake.
They went back home in the same manner they arrived. Cadin was riding comfortably in his “wheels” (stroller), with Grandma providing the push power. The visit was much enjoyed by everyone, including the cow family.
HCE Members Enjoy Lunch
Shirley Klitzing, Phyllis Pryor, Flo Allen, Debbie Segrest, Anna Jean Rhodes and Anita Smith enjoyed lunch at Denny’s in Vandalia following the Home and Community Education meeting on Monday.
Homesteaders Attend Birthday Chili/Weiner Roast
Bill and Panzi Blackwell (the outnumbered human residents of the Homestead) drove to Decatur on Saturday to attend the birthday party of 8-year-old grandson Gage.
The perfect evening for a weiner roast was not wasted, as the party guests gathered around the campfire to enjoy chili, chips and dip, and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
The young people played various games and Gage (a born sportsman) held his own, whether it was shooting baskets, playing baseball, or catching and kicking the football. Also among those present were Gage’s parents, Jeremy and Lindsay Gatewood; his siblings, Destiny and Emily Gatewood; and his grandparents, Don and Jill Jenkins.
Fayette County HCE Board Meeting
The Fayette County Home and Community Education Board met on Monday at the Vandalia Extension office.
Club President Flo Allen opened the meeting  at 10:00 a.m. and led in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. The roll call was asked by the club secretary, Mary Smith of Wright’s Corner.
Answering the roll call were: Anita Smith and Debbie Segrest of Vandalia Day; Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo; Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter; and Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Phyllis Pryor and Panzi Blackwell of Sefton. Also present was member-at-large Karen Hyde of Wheatland.
Mary Smith read the August minutes.
The financial report was given by Dorothy Harpster, who also gave a printout of the report to each one present.
First Vice President Phyllis Pryor briefly discussed the future lesson on “Cookies.”
Second Vice President Anna Jean Rhodes reported that the membership total remains at 119.
Community outreach officer Anita Smith displayed a little girl’s T-shirt dress she had made.
Debbie Segrest, family issues officer, reported that single, clipped-out, expired manufactures coupons can be sent to overseas military families. The expiration date should not be over four months past the date. It was decided the club would do this as a new project.
Shirley Klitzing, international officer, reminded those present of the International Dinner, to be held Oct.16 at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo. Registration will begin at 5:30 p.m.
Panzi Blackwell, public relations officer, reminded those present of the recognition of IAHCE Week in October and will seek a proclamation signed by Mayor Ricky Gottman of Vandalia.
Allen asked if the board wished to offer the fundraiser Christmas gift card raffle again this year. It was decided not to hold the raffle this year.
Allen suggested changing the HCE handbook year date to Jan. 1.
A reminder was given about the Christmas Cards to the Military project.
Sign only first name and no address to cards. No cars/envelopes with stickers, seals, shiny or sparkle can be accepted.
Take cards to October meeting.
Anna Jean Rhodes gave the reminder that Pennies for Friendship be given to Dorothy Harpster by Nov. 1.
Allen reported she had taken 20 bookmarks to the libraries, and 109 Box Tops and also Coke tabs to the Brownstown Elementary School.
Blackwell and Rhodes are to check on possible recipients of used greeting cards. Blackwell is also to check on possible cancer and autism programs/presentations.
The Vandalia Day Unit (Anita Smith, Debbie Segrest and Joyce Mueller) delivered their baby shower items to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.
Collecting/submitting recipes for IAHCE cookbook was discussed.
There was some discussion about the Cultural Enrichment Show.
The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
As the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship, pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted those present, shared the announcements and followed with prayer. Anniversary blessings were sung for Zach and Jenna Townsend.
Judy Watson served as liturgist, and Hubert Williams presented the tithes and offerings. Thomas delivered the message and closed the service with prayer.
• On Sunday at 4 p.m., the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of United Methodist Churches will host a welcome celebration worship service for the new Bishop Jonathon Keaton and wife, Beverly Keaton, at the Springfield United Methodist Church.
• The Baby Bottle Campaign for the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center continues until Oct.r 7.
• Oct. 14-15-There will be a study on the Holy Spirit at the Brownstown UMC.
• Oct. 18 at 2 p.m.-The Brownstown United Methodist Women will go to Brookstone Estates in Vandalia for their meeting.