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By The Staff

Star, the Little White Dove…
…is responding to spring. She sits in the sunshine and listens to the little wild birds in the trees just outside. of her window.
We don’t know if she really watches them as they fly by, but she is attentive to the outside view. White, thin sheer curtains protect her from the sun’s really strong rays through the glass, but the view is very clear.
As my computer is near her, the view also attracts me, and sometimes I find it a little difficult to concentrate as I, too, am interested in the animals and scenery out the window. She is so pretty and still looks like a young bird. She is about 17 years old and coos at me while I’m typing. She is especially happy if we are listening to her music CD’s during this time.
The east view, which can also bee seen from my “work-place (?)”, is also pretty, as it looks out into the woods and sometimes a woods-critter can be seen. That is also where my little coffee-drinking spot is on the deck, and Josie and Callie, the kitty, joins me out there.
When “we” need a break, or on some early mornings, I take my Tennessee “Dollywood” pink coffee mug out and drink my coffee, breathe in the fresh air, which is sometimes flavored with some wood smoke, and just imagine the Tennessee mountains in the distance, while Josie and Callie lie contentedly on the deck in the sunshine.
Josie and Callie are both usually near me, whether it be doing laundry, cooking,  writing the column and stories or just sitting on the couch, reading a good book (which is Josie’s favorite thing to do). When I’m busy writing and she decides I’ve been at it too long, she puts her front feet on my leg to get my attention. If I keep writing, she resorts to barking at me.
Thus, I have the best of both worlds. I can write (which I really like to do), and still be at home with the scenery I love, and be with my critter friends.
(Oh, yes, and we can take our breaks anytime we want to.)
Coming & Going
Debbie Celebrates her Birthday
Debbie McDonald celebrated her 53rd birthday with a surprise dinner party Sunday at her favorite restaurant, China Gate. Also there were her sister, Connie Meskil of Sandoval; her brother, Mike McDonald and his wife, Tammy, Brandon and Angel, of Ramsey; and her parents, Ken and Wanda Puleo of Brownstown. Work schedules interfered with other family members being present. A leisurely dinner, cake and ice cream were enjoyed.
To Sullivan
The Puleos and Debbie went to Sullivan on Monday for an appointment and a visit with Ken’s family.
Sefton Unit HCE Meets
The Sefton Unit HCE met Thursday, March 8, with 18 members present. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter greeting cards were signed to be sent to members Marge Weiss, Lenora Parkison and Ilene Sidwell. A card was sent to Delores Dukeman to express sympathy in the loss of her son.
Chairman Flo Allen opened the meeting and led the pledge to the American flag. Joyce Fisher, secretary, took roll call with the question, “What is the best thing to do in March?” Shirley Klitzing, treasurer, gave the financial report, including donations made.
Allen read the board notes from the Feb.26 board meeting.
She also read a letter received from the office of John Shimkus, thanking the club for contributing to his Valentines for Heroes Program.
Allen acknowledged a thank you card received by the club from the Sefton Clovers 4-H Club and their leader, signed by all, in appreciation for the 71 valentines sent to them by the Sefton Unit.
The members participating in the Get-Acquainted-Day skit had a practice  run-through. Another practice/dress rehearsal was scheduled for Monday, April 9, at 2 p.m., at the Golden Years Club building.
Debbie Swain gave both the special feature (Your Vision As You Age) and the major lesson (The Cost of Managing Your Money).
The club held a discussion on phone charges and the advice to check over phone bills for hidden or unwarranted charges.
Allen read an article on possible jury duty scams, with the caution not to respond to a telephone call requesting personal information. The caller untruthfully indicates that you were called for jury duty and is checking to see why you didn’t show up. They ask for personal information (Social Security number, etc.). This is just a deceptive way to get your information for frauds. All jury duty notification/businesss are done through the mail, not by telephone.
Door prizes were won by Normalee Terry, Carol Oldham, Panzi Blackwell, Marilyn Yakel, Debbie Swain, Sally Behrends, Betty Williams, Carolyn Grames, Lucille Fisher and Rita Miller. Also attending were Flo Allen, Phyllis Pryor, Elizabeth Kasten, Joyce Fisher, LaVonne Kramer, Shirley Mattes and Shirley Klitzing. Guests were DeeDee Diveley and Helen Klitzing.
The next meeting will be April 12, the annual Get-Acquainted Day brunch and the popular Fayette County HCE fundraiser auction of Make It-Bake It-Sew It-GrowIt items. Registration will be at 9 a.m., brunch at 9:30 a.m. at the Golden Years building in Brownstown.
Checking in at the Brownstown Library
A note from Ginny was received with the following library opportunities:
• A jewelry-making class will be held on March 26 at 6:30 p.m,  
You may make a bracelet for the small fee of $5, or a necklace for a little more. You are invited to come and join in for an evening of fun and jewelry you made. You must be registered before the night of the class, so call the library at 427-3853 to sign up.
• Lasagna gardening class will be held April 5 at 6 p.m.. You must be registered before the night of the class, so your space can be prepared, so call the library.
• Toward the end of April, the library will be joining with First Christian Church to present a bicycle safety course for all the children in the Brownstown community. Date and time will be announced later.
Lytle’s Collection Featured in the Library Display Case
In the old vault’s display case, is Vernus Lytle’s teacup collection, which was accumulated at a special birthday party held for Vernus. Each guest brought a teacup as a gift.
The BBL Book Club
The book club will finish its third book, “The Prince of Tide,” this month. If you would like to join the club, call the library (427-3853) so enough books can be ordered.
Fayette County HCE Meeting
Ten members and one at-large member of the Fayette County Home and Community Education Board met Monday, Feb. 27, at the Vandalia Extension office.
President Flo Allen opened the meeting and led the pledge to the American flag. Five of the seven units were represented as Mary Smith, secretary, called the roll. Present were: Anna Jean Rhodes-St. Elmo; Dorothy Harpster-St. Peter; Anita Smith-Vandalia Day; Irenr Reed and Mary Smith-Wright’s Corner; Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Phyllis Pryor, Panzi Blackwell-Sefton Unit; and member-at-large, Evelyn Probst, of the Bingham-Ramsey Unit.
The January minutes were approved as read by Mary Smith. Treasurer Dorothy Harpster distributed copies of  of the financial report and went over the items.
Allen called for reports from the officers. The second vicepresident reported that there are  now 118 members enrolled in the FCHCE. Anita Smith, community outreach, reported that Vandalia Day is making washcloth bunny house shoes to be given to Sweetbriar assisted living facility, as well as to other recipients. Irene Reed, family Issues, discussed children with cancer.
Panzi Blackwell, public relations, displayed a newspaper article and photo of Irene reed and her son, Larry, presenting McDonald’s Restaurant of Vandalia with 11 pounds of soda can tabs.
Allen discussed the Get-Acquainted Day potluck brunch and auction, scheduled for April 12 at the Golden Years building in Brownstown.
Allen read a letter of appreciation sent to the FCHCE by John Shimkus, regarding his Valentines for Heroes Program. The club had sent Valentines for the program. The valentines are distributed to active-duty personnel at various military bases and VA medical centers.
Two quilts, made and donated by Janet Stout of the Bingham-Ramsey Unit, were brought by Evelyn Probst. A photo was taken of Probst and Allen with the quilts.
The following schedule of upcoming events was confirmed:
• April 12-Get-Acquainted Day potluck brunch and Auction;  registration at 9 a.m.
• April 23-Past and present officers luncheon at Los Amigo Restaurant, to follow the board meeting.
• June 19-Annual meeting at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Vandalia. Registration at 11:00 a/m.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of the United Methodist Church was greeted by Pastor Don and Marlys Thomas as they arrived for the Sunday morning worship services.
Pianist Bette Stolte played “How Great Thou Art” as the altar candles were lighted by Bradley Schwarm. The pastor reviewed announcements, and prayer concerns and led the opening prayer. Jeff Kelly and Schwarm presented the offering. Thomas delivered the morning message and closed with prayer.
Zach and Jenna Townsend, and Renna Kelly led the children’s fellowship and worship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Wednesday at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.-Bible studies at the church.
• Thursday at 7:00 p.m.-Brownstown United Methodist Women will meet at the church. Billyanna Forbis will be the program leader, and Flo Allen will serve as hostess.
*March 18 at 4 p.m. – Wolf  Creek Cluster Lenten service will be at Funkhouser United Methodist Church, with the Rev. John O’Dell bringing the message. Special music and finger foods will be provided by the host church.
• Lenten prayer banner in the sanctuary. If you have a special prayer this Lenten season, feel free to place a cross on the “Come Unto Me” prayer banner during Lenten season.
• The pastor will be in the church on Wednesdays from 9-1 p.m. He will make visits after that time.
Wolf Creek Cluster Lenten Service
The Wolf Creek Cluster Lenten service, the third Sunday in Lent, was held at 4 p.m. The Rev. Don Thomas welcomes all to the service, which featured Laurel Jean, pianist, with her special music. Fellowship and refreshments followed the service.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Don and Robin Lovett, and led in songs of praise by Joann Strobel and Judy Pilger, accompanied by Susan Smith, pianist; Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney, guitarists; Kaitlyn Enlow, flute, and Mitchell Smith, drums.
Kaitlyn Enlow presented special music, followed by the message, delivered by John Robinson. Delbert Miller led the communion mediation.
Also serving: Liz Oberlink-Sunday school nursery; Barb Tackett and Ashton Smith-toddler worship; Walt and Adrienne Kinney-Quest-4-Christ; and Brent Keyes, Don Willms & Duane Willms-Communion to shut-ins.
• Upper Room Communion service-Sunday, April 1, at 7 p.m.
• Silver Ring Time-Saturday, March 31, at the Altamont High School gym. This is for all WNL (grades 6-12). Check with Steve for details and requirements.
• Easter egg hunt for ages 2-12-April 7. Needed are monetary donations. The rain date is April 14.
• Bond Christian Camp needs-This year, the church is to collect 100 bags of chocolate chips and is in charge of cleaning the chapel. Let Don Lovett know if you can help clean.