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By The Staff

Smoky, the (adorable) Little Donkey …
… is getting an early start on his summer tan. He likes to lie behind his barn in the sunshine and has been taking advantage of the recent blessings of the sun’s warm rays. Of course, his “tan” is always a smoky gray, summer or winter.
Callie, the kitty, also likes to lie in the sun, but she prefers the back deck, close to the patio door. Like Smoky, if it starts to sprinkle, she wants inside under a dry roof.
Josie, the “puppy,” doesn’t care that much to be outside unless it is on the back seat of the car on her cushion and going for a ride. She does let us know when she needs to go outside, but she prances right back to the door. She likes the furnace in the winter and the air conditioner in the summer.
We are all looking forward to spring and the crocus, bluebells, violets and mushrooms. A lady said that she has daffodils blooming in her yard. The rather frequent rains should bring forth bountiful skillets of mushrooms and green foliage soon in the woods.
The girls, Blackie and Rhonda Chickens, are surely planning on some good bugging before long. An interesting note about Rhonda, the red hen. I had shared in the column that when first receiving the red hen, the name “Rhonda”  kept coming to mind. I attributed it to the fact that Rhonda Fleming, a movie star, had red hair, and a friend, beautician Rhonda Rhodes, also had red hair. Rhonda Rhodes shared with me that her mother had, in fact, named her after the movie star, Rhonda Fleming. Hence, Rhonda Chicken is named after both Rhondas.
Roses To….
… the teachers/staff at Browntown Elementary for all they do for the students,
and to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization, Joe Cunningham and (especially) Fredbird, for caring enough about kids to devote the time and effort to try to help them stay drug-free. The program “Doin’ It Right” highly entertained the kids (and adults) while presenting an informative program that also gave the reasons why they should remain drug-free.
Brownstown Alumni Reunion …
… will be held on July 21.
The location for the reunion has changed this year; it will be held at the Vandalia Moose Lodge
 If the Alumni Reunion Committee can help classes organize their reunion by providing class addresses, contact President Nancy Pryor (283-9211) or Secretary/Treasurer Sandra Stine (283-9211). If you have updated addresses for your class, let the alumni committee know that as well.
Birthday Card Showers for …
… Marie Arnold. She will be 96 years old on March 2. Cards may be sent to: Marie Arnold, Friendship Manor, 221 East Cumberland Road, St. Elmo, Ill. 62458.
… Earl Hovious, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday on March 3. No celebration is being planned, as Earl will be in a Springfield hospital recovering from lung cancer surgery. Cards may be sent to: Earl Hovious, P.O. Box 57,  Brownstown, Ill. 62418.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Hubert Williams, Judy Watson, Marybelle Ledbetter, Dick Lentz, Junior Gelsinger, Lance Garza, Tim Dunahee, Renna Kelly, Betty Miller, Jean Whitford, Bradley Schwarm and Bill Haller. Anniversaries: Bill and Bette Stolte, and Manny and Pam Orr.
Fredbird  & Joe Cunningham visit Brownstown Elementary School
The halls at BES were decorated with Fredbird works of art to welcome Fred and his friends on Friday, indicating the talent, ingenuity and enthusiasm of the students for Fred and  “Doin’ It Right”  (saying no to drugs) message they bring.
Former Cardinals player Joe Cunningham originated the program more than 25 years ago and presents three messages: “Don’t Do Drugs, Because …; stay in school; and get involved in sports.
Joe has a rapport with the kids … and tries to keep Fredbird under control. The gym was full of laughter and applause throughout the program, but the enthusiastic students in grades K-6 were well-behaved.
Fred was hilarious, each child came away with a prize bearing the messages on it  and several children, when asked, gave very good answers why they shouldn’t do illegal drugs. Teacher Keri (Kistler) Buscher is also to be commended for her efforts in getting the program here.
Coming & Going
Marilyn and Louella Eat Sunday Dinner Out
Marilyn Yakel and Louella Christensen ate at the newly-opened buffet restaurant at the Good Old Days Banquet Hall and Catering building on Sunday, and reported it as “very good.” Tara Pruett and Gina Nesbitt are the owners of the business.
Golden Years Club Celebrates Valentine’s Day
Eighteen members and seven guests entered the Golden Years building on Tuesday, Feb. 14, to find the room colorfully decorated in a Valentine theme, with the white cloth-covered tables holding Valentine centerpieces and a large heart-shaped valentine doily placemat with a friendly verse at each place, all compliments of Don Smail.
Tonya Sapp of the Fayette County Health Department was present to take 15 free blood pressure readings.
Club President Charles Reece gave the welcome and recognized the guests and the February birthdays. Don Thomas, pastor of Liberty Christian Church, asked the blessing, and the guests and birthday people were invited to be served first.
Thomas provided and cooked all of the meat for the potluck meal. Guests were Lola Gehle, Louella Christensen, Jim and Connie Green, Mike and Norma Walters, and Paul Parkison.
Following the meal and completion of Donnie’s kitchen clean-up crew, Reece called the meeting to order, and began a discussion on the new furnace and savings on the building’s fuel costs. He provided each person with a sheet he had prepared showing the heating expenses since 2001.
He talked about the club’s financial improvement since he became president and his efforts in saving the club heating expenses with the installation of insulation and the purchase of a new furnace. The bid for the new furnace was awarded to Mertz of Effingham, over Stephens of Effingham and Stombaugh’s of Vandalia.
He then brought up the subject of purchasing a new air conditioner for the building, and suggested action be taken soon (March/April) for bids and subsequent installation of the new air conditioner. A vote was taken to start the proceedings for a new AC. The club has also been exceedingly assisted by donations.
Smail then displayed an old fashioned Valentine, dated 1901, brought by Marilyn Yakel.
Smail showed an old newspaper clipping about the old store of years ago owned by the later Louise Rode. The clipping included a picture of Rode and Lucille Fisher in the store. Smail, and some of the members began reminiscing about the old days. The story was told of the first salesman who came to the Rode Store selling artificial flowers, which Rode thought would never sell. It was also mentioned that Louise Rode’s father was the first baby born in Brownstown.
Smail also read an interesting article about President Harry S. Truman and his wife, Bess, and the change in the times. When Truman and Bess left the White House, he drove them back to Independence, Mo., in their own car, by themselves with no body guards or other escort. Smail also told a story, “Tree Planter.” Flo Allen then gave a humorous reading, “Bridal Registery”.
Thomas then gave several humorous readings concerning the ministry. He then introduced a guest, Norma Waters who sang two songs a cappella.
The old-fashioned Valentines box was passed around for everyone to draw out a valentine. Valentine favors were also given to everyone by individuals.
Door prizes were given to Don Thomas, Ina Abendroth, Sally Behrends, Louella Christensen, Norma Walters and DeeDee Diveley.
The next Golden Years potluck/meeting will be held Feb. 28 at noon.
Rine employed as Head JH Track Coach
Judy Rine was hired as head junior high boys track coach for the 2011-12 school year during the Brownstown Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 15.
Also employed for the 2011-12 school year during the meeting were: Heather Biggs,  assistant junior high girls track coach; Dennis Stinebring, substitute bus driver; and Stacy Sidwell, special education aide for ECE.
Jared Winters was approved as a volunteer assistant spring baseball coach for the 2011-12 school year.
Harlan Beckel was employed as lawn maintenance person for this spring and summer.
Adam Bussard was employed as superintendent of Brownstown School District #201. A one-year contract was approved for Angela Reeter, elementary school principal, for the 2012-13 school year.
Approval was also given for the following: Brownstown C.U.S.D. #201as the administrative agent for the Fayette County Early Childhood Block Grant for the 2012-13 school year; and the purchase of a new bus from Central States and lease of a new bus from Blue Bird.
United Methodist Church
Pianist, Bette Stolte played the prelude, “He,” as the congregation of United Methodist Church gathered for their Sunday morning worship hour. Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Hubert Williams Jr. and Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings. Pastor Don Thomas delivered the message.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Bill and Cathy Smith and led in songs of praise by Don and Robin Lovett, accompanied by Susan Smith, pianist; Tucker Willms, drums; Rick Cox, Chuck Enlow, guitars; and Kaitlyn Enlow-flute.
John Robinson delivered the message. Chuck Enlow led the Communion meditation and prayer.
Also serving: Ellen Willms-Sunday school nursery; Tena Gould-a.m. nursery; Karen Willms and Bonnie Shelton-toddler worship; Mitch and Rae Lynn Koehler-Quest-4-Christ; and Steve Storm, Mitch Koehler and John Robinson-Communion to shut-ins.
• March 3 at 6:30-Open Mic Night. An evening of all genres of music, pulled pork sandwiches and warm friendships. All are welcome.