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By The Staff

Smoky, the Little (Adorable) donkey…
…seems to have a touch of claustrophobia (or maybe cabin fever).
As he had chewed on the shutters of his barn until they were destroyed, Bill had put a piece of tin over his window to protect him against the cold wind until new shutters could be made.
Smokey likes to stand and look out his north window, although he has another opening, a doorway, on the east side. The north window gives him a good view of the driveway, and he seems to like to watch who is coming and going.
That is also the ideal spot for the grandkids to stand to feed him goodies. He has made his complaints known.
Early in the wee morning hours one day last week, I awoke to the loud sound that sounded like someone was throwing heavy objects into the bed of our pickup truck.
Looking out, I could see no one, but the sound continued. Puzzled, I finally got back to sleep.
The sound was heard again a time or two in broad daylight. I finally discovered it
was Smoky, banging against his tin-covered window in protest. He wants it removed.
• Jan. 19-Sports Boosters meeting at 5:30 p.m.
• Jan. 27-Spelling bee for grades 4-6 at 8:30 a.m. in the elementary cafeteria. Parents and family are invited to attend.
Farewell to Melvin
Melvin Willms, one of the community’s finest and supportive citizens, died last week, leaving in his wake many good memories of his kindness, his integrity in business and his cheerful and friendly smile for all he met.
We were the recipients of his good will and kindness when we were building the little log cabin on Cora’s Corner. He often rode his bicycle past on U.S. Route 40 as we were working, always speaking and giving a friendly wave as he went past.
One day, he stopped and told us he wanted to provide wooden shingles for the cabin roof. The wood shingles really added to the appearance of the little cabin, and we were very grateful, because our budget would not have allowed for them at the time.
When the Brownstown Elementary School librarian, Mrs. Reed, shared the wish for something special for the kids in the library, like a pirate ship, Melvin was one of the first “on board” to figure out and draw up the plans, and build the ship.
His presence will be sadly missed by all he knew, his lumberyard customers, his church, friends and neighbors, and, especially, his family. We extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers.
Farewell to Earl
The area also lost Earl Abendroth last week. A quiet man, Earl had many accomplishments in his life.
He was a veteran of the Korean War and earned two Bronze Service Stars. He worked for grain elevators and retired from St. Elmo Grain Elevator. He also mowed yards, sometimes as many as 18 a week.
He was a faithful and supportive member of the Golden Years Club. He was on hand to help with maintenance on the club building, including helping with the ceiling and woodwork. During the Golden Years’ apple butter days, he would stand and stir the apple butter for hours.
In recent years, he was much appreciated for his delicious homemade pies that he brought to the bi-monthly Golden Years Club potluck meetings.
Although a quiet contributor to the club, he has been missed during his illness and will be remembered with appreciation and fondness. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Roses to…
… Miss Sandra Stine, the students and their families for their work over the years in the Jump Rope for Heart events. Since 1989, Brownstown Elementary School has raised more than $32,281.55 for the American Heart Association.
The Elementary School “Jump Rope for Heart” will be in memory of Melvin Willms.
A Note from Miss Stine
Miss Stine said, “If my records are accurate, this will be the 24th year that Brownstown Elementary has worked with the American Heart Association. Students in grades 1-6 have been participating in jump rope activities, in conjunction with the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program.
“As the years have progressed, it seems that the American Heart Association has allowed more freedom for PE teachers to design how the event will be conducted. All of my students have begun working on our jump roping, but for our event, planned during PE time, Feb. 6-10, I have planned a little variety in the jumping activities for my students. I think this can be fun as we continue to work on our coordination and our cardiovascular system.
“I understand that your budgets are tight, so please understand that your child(ren) are not required to collect money, although I am encouraging each student to raise at least $24.
“If the American Heart Association is an organization close to your heart, due to heart disease or a stroke that has impacted your family, then you and your child(ren) may be more inclined to collect money for the American Heart Association.
“As an extra incentive, for the students to support the AHA, each student who collects at least $5 will have their name put in a drawing to choose their class’s PE activity on a specified day. (The game must be something we have played, so “introduction” time is not needed.)
“Students and families, who choose to collect money for the AHA, are encouraged to return the donation envelope by Feb. 14. I will accept these envelopes prior to that date as well.
Your children are also asked to bring in the names of people in their lives so we can jump in “memory of” or in “honor of” those who have had a battle with stroke or heart disease. Please help your child write down the names of these special people so I can put them on display in the gym.
“I hope that the skills and the habits they develop now will carry over, and we have a new generation of healthy individuals.”
Miss Stine expressed her appreciation for the support of the families for the Jump Rope for Heart.
Go Red for Women
More from Miss Stine – “The staff in our district will also have the opportunity to show support for JR4H by participating in the ‘Go Red for Women’ celebration.
“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, taking the life of one in three women each year. On Feb. 7, any staff member who makes a donation to the /AHA and our JR4H program will wear the color red and jeans to school that day.
“They will also receive a little red dress pin to wear. Have your kids be on the lookout for the dress pin.”
Coming & Going
Brother Gives Wanda
Special Gift
Last Tuesday, Phillip and Jaunita Bruce came to visit the Puleos. They brought a very special gift for Wanda. Many trees were destroyed at the farm of Wanda’s mother, Ethel Pittman last fall. In the clearing of the trees, Phillip got the idea of taking slices of one of the trunks and making tables with them, using much smaller tree trunks to attach as legs.
Tuesday was special delivery day as the Bruces took the tables to both of his sisters, Wilma Greene in Alton and Wanda Puleo. Both sisters were very happy to receive such a thoughtful gift.     
Homesteaders Attend daughter’s birthday party
Son-in-law Fred Coleman made a clandestine telephone call to the Homestead sharing his plan for a surprise birthday party for his wife, Lisa (Blackwell) Coleman. Approximately 25 family members and friends were on hand to yell “surprise” to her as she and Fred entered Cunetto’s Restaurant in Greenville on Friday evening, Jan. 13, which is actually her birth date.
Although Lisa had suspected something was afoot, Fred’s undercover calls were successful, as she had not learned of the plan.
The star entertainer for the event was Lisa’s littler toddler grandson, Hunter Morrison.
Golden Years Club Chooses New Board Member
Twenty members and friends were present for the Golden Years Club potluck/meeting Tuesday, Jan. 10.
Club President Charlie Reece welcomed those present and introduced guests from Altamont, Harry and Sandra Braasch.
The January birthdays of Carolyn Grames, Ina Abendroth, Charlie Reece, Don Smail, Marilyn Yakel, Earl Abendroth and Margaret Durbin were acknowledged.
Following the blessing, asked by the Rev. Dan Thomas, the guests and birthday people were invited to be served dinner first.
Following the meal, which included ham and beans, corn bread, slaw, applesauce, Lucille and Helen’s made-from-scratch angel food cake, and many other dishes and desserts, Donnie Smail’s kitchen KP crew took over.
Reece called the meeting to order and announced there were several free cookbooks left by the Golden Years Red Cross blood drive in the club room held Monday.
Treasurer Donnie Smail gave the financial report and expressed appreciation for donations received from the Bill Voisins and Cathy Stokes.
Included in the report were the fees collected for the building usage (rentals), He also announced the club was ahead at present on the heating bill.
Reece announced the need to elect a new board member. After some discussion, Pastor Thomas was asked to accept the position, to which he agreed. Present board members are Lucille Fisher, Loyce Becker, Ina Abendroth, Carolyn Grames, Randy Meyer and Dan Thomas.
Reece explained the need for the roster forms to be updated. One reason was to advise the members if a regularly scheduled meeting was canceled. It was also mentioned that a rule was if school was canceled because of the weather, the Golden Years meeting was also cancelled that day.
It was decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing Valentines (may be purchased or homemade). The envelope is not to bear a recipient name, but the inside of the card may be signed by the sender. A valentine deposit box will be provided.
Shirley Klitzing read a newspaper clipping concerning the collection of old telephone books for recycling by the St. Anthony’s and Sacred Heart schools of Effingham. St. Anthony’s won top honors for collecting. Klitzing’s grandchildren attend the school, and the clubs and friends of Klitzing in the Brownstown area donated many of the books.
Pastor Thomas gave three humorous readings. Door prizes were won by Helen Klitzing (shadow box cabinet with glass doors, made by Pastor Thomas) and Sally Behrends (old-fashioned girl wall decoration).
The next potluck/meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 24, at noon.
Sefton Unit HCE Plans Valentine Day Party
Twelve members were present for the Sefton Unit Home and Community Education (HCE) club meeting on Thursday, Jan. 12.
Club Chairman Flo Allen called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Roll call was taken by Joyce Fisher, club secretary, with the question, “What is your favorite thing to do in January?” The majority answered reading as their favorite pastime. Cards were signed to be sent to members Leona McConaughay, Marge Weiss and Ilene Sidwell.
Shirley Klitzing, treasurer, gave the club’s financial report, including the donations made by the club.
Allen announced the valentines for the military must be given to her by the Sefton Unit  members before Jan. 23 in order to make the deadline. The guidelines for the cards were reviewed.
It was also decided for each club member to give a valentine to four local children,  three girls and one boy, ranging in ages 8-10 years old. The cards should be brought to the next Sefton Unit meeting on Feb. 9.
The unit will also have a valentine exchange among the club. There will be a valentine box for the cards. They may be bought or homemade valentines. The envelope should bear a name of a recipient, but the valentine should be signed by the giver.
Allen distributed a sheet with the information “Everything you need to know about CVH” (volunteer hours) sheet.
Shirley Klitzing read a newspaper clipping (with picture) telling of her grandchildren’s schools in Effingham (St. Anthony Grade School), which had won top honors and a check for $1,000 by gathering an average of 66 used telephone books per student, for a total of 22,589 books.
Sacred Heart Junior High School students gathered the second-highest tally, with 26 books per student. For a total of 3, 905 books and earned $750. Many of the books collected had been from the Brownstown area through Klitzing and the area clubs. Allen gave a reading “Wonder Woman,” contributed by Marilyn Yakel. Allen shared three jokes.
Door prizes were won by Betty Williams, Panzi Blackwell, Shirley Mattes, Carolyn Grames, Shirley Klitzing, LaVonne “Bonnie”  Kramer, Phyllis Pryor and Debbie Swain
Also present were Joyce Fisher, Flo Allen, Marilyn Yakel and Normalee Terry.
The next Sefton HCE meeting will be the valentine potluck on Feb. 9 at 11 a.m. at the Golden Years building. The roll call will be, “Who is your favorite president?” Shirley Klitzing will deliver the lesson, “The Last Rites, Cremation and Other Issues.”
Elizabeth Kasten will deliver the lesson, “Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships.” Valentines will be exchanged.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship.
Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles and Carol Severns served as liturgist. Hubert Williams and Schwarms presented the offerings. Don Thomas delivered the message. Jenna Townsend and Renna Kelly taught the children’s Sunday school department, and Flo Allen taught the adult class.
• Thursday, Jan. 19, at 2 p.m.-United Methodist Women will meet.
• Year-long Bible study plan for next week – a different type of scripture for each day of the week.
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Don and Ellen Willms, and led in songs of praise by Cathy Smith and Judy Pilger, accompanied by Susan Smith-pianist; Chuck Enlow, Rick Cox and Walt Kinney-guitars; and Mitchell Smith-drummer. Special music was contributed by Charlie Watson, followed by the message, delivered by John Robison. Delbert Miller led the communion meditation.
Also serving: greeters-Don and Ellen Willms; Sunday school nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m. nursery-Tena Gould; toddler worship-Billie Enlow; and Communion to shut-ins-Toby Tackett and Bill Smith.
• Ladies Fellowship January meeting is Sunday, Jan. 29, at 5:45 p.m. at church. Theme-“Turn Your Heart Toward Home.”
• Valentine banquet is set for Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. The youth and sponsors will host the evening.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Paula Brunk and Brian Smith. They were led in songs of praise by Stef Anderson, Paula Brunk, Katie Carson, Kim Miller, Tammy Carson and Brady Wright. Aaron Miller shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Special music was contributed by Chloe Carson, followed by the morning message, delivered by Jim Dann.
Bill Robison led the Communion devotion. Josh Robison led the offering prayer.
Also serving: serving at the table-Paul Parkison, Bill Robison; serving the congregation-Bob Buzzard, Aaron Miller, Josh Robison, Brad Smith, Brian Smith, John Grames; assistants-Matt  Stonecipher, Luke Robison; ushers-John Schaub, Brian  Smith; sound system-Dan Largent; PowerPoint-Dana; Communion prep-Linda Doehring; Communion rounds-Dave Morrison,Craig Daughtery; welcome center-Paul and Deb Parkison; van drivers-Aaron Miller; and pre-K worship-Connie Largent, Chloe Carson.
• Soup supper fellowship-Jan. 29 at 5 p.m.
• SuperStart-grades 3-5. Erin will take the kids again on March 2-3 to Bloomington. Turn in your registration form and $20 deposit to Erin or the office by Feb. 5.
• Elders and board meeting-Jan. 23: elders at 6 p.m.; board at 7 p.m.