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By The Staff

By Panzi Blackwell

Blackie & Rhonda (hens) Declare Truce on the Chicken Roost
As our faithful readers know, Blackie, the bereaved hen, would not accept Rhonda, the red hen, as a friend, perhaps out of loyalty to Anita, her childhood playmate and mature hen, best-girl friend and confidant (who met a horrible fate when a devious Red Fox took her “out for breakfast”).

True, the late Anita and Rhonda are completely different in feather-appearance, which was probably a shock to Blackie, who had only associated with the dominicker-type (gray with white spots) chickens previously.
Bill put a wire gate up to separate them from physical contact, but they could see and talk with one another. After a few weeks, he took the gate out and they seemed compatible.
When we let them loose to bug, they seemed to get along, and Rhonda seemed to be content to let Blackie take the lead in bugging (which was probably a wise move on Rhonda’s part). They now sit side-by-side on the roost and talk to one another.
In answer to inquiries concerning how Rhonda got her name, we began calling her “Sharon” after Sharon at Rural King, who gave her to us. However, every time I looked at her, the name “Rhonda” came to mind. I believe that was influenced by the actress, Rhonda Fleming, who had red hair, and my friend, Rhonda Rhodes, who works at the Hair Stop beauty shop in Vandalia, who also has red hair. Rhonda Hen has a lot to live up to in nicety, charm and attractiveness; she may never reach her namesakes’ levels, but she is a pretty cute “chic chick” on her own.
Please Remember…
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Golden Years/Red Cross Blood Drive
The American Red Cross blood drive, held at the Golden Years building and sponsored by the Sefton Unit HCE, on Monday, Jan. 9, had 20 people respond to the need for donors, with 12 units received.
Chef Cat Cora teamed up with the Red Cross, and donors received a free soup bowl and a Cat Cora recipe card. Donors were Carol Rine, Keith Harre, Norma Mahon, Chris Meador, Cindi Hunter, Clifton Davis, J.C. Moore, Phyllis Pryor, Sharon Cannon, Ashley Holmberg, Sandra Stine and Lisa Smith.
Volunteer helpers were Flo Allen, LaVonne Kramer, Shirley Klitzing, Sally Behrends, Donnie Smail, Charles Reece, Warren Williams, Junior Williams and Don Thomas. Allen, Sefton Unit chairman, expressed appreciation for the community and all who helped with the blood drive.
Coming & Going
Meeting young Kaiden Ward
We recently got to meet the neighborhood’s newest arrival, Kaiden Ward,  who was peacefully snoozing in his swing at Grandma and Grandpa Ward’s house at the north end of the Homestead lane. Kaiden slept right through the introductions.
Catching Up with the Puleos & Debbie
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie McDonald attended the installation of officers for the Lincoln Land Leathernecks Marine Corps League, Detachment 1174, on Saturday. The impressive ceremony was held at the Greenville VFW, following a dinner for the families. Wanda’s son, Michael McDonald, was installed as judge advocate after being re-elected.
Family Pet, Mama Cat, passes on
Anyone who has treasured and cared for a pet for many years will understand the feelings of the Puleo and McDonald families as they said final goodbyes to their long-time friend and pet.
Helen, also known as “Fat Old Lady” and “Mama Cat,” was buried in the family pet cemetery pn Friday, near her daughter, Silky; stepbrother, J.C.; and dog friends, Fred and Whiskers.
She was a 15 ½ years old beautiful, black and white bobtailed cat with emerald green eyes. She is sadly missed by two sons, Joe Bruce of Dix. IL and Tom McDonald of Brownstown; two stepdaughters, Missy and Gigi Puleo, also of Brownstown, as well her household family, Ken, Wanda and Debbie.
Around the Homestead
The human inhabitants of the Homestead, namely Bill and Panzi, traveled across country south Saturday to Woodyard (Shobonier), where they enjoyed a visit around the woodpile with cousins Jim and Loretta Weaver, Sherry Miller and Ted Miller.
While visiting, they all threw a few chucks of Miller-Weaver firewood in back of our truck. Plans were made for another get-together in the future. (Sherry promised hot, stove-brewed, Woodyard coffee or tea would be served.)
The Homesteader Jeep had been coughing and stalling, in spite of having a transplant and outfitted with shiny, new spark plugs. Cousin Jim came to the rescue with a bottle of motor-medicine called StarTron. It must be a kind of cough syrup for gas motors, because that cured the Jeep. (Guess we will call him “Doc Weaver” now.)
Homesteaders visit in Decatur
Bill and Panzi Blackwell, traveled north on Sunday, Jan. 8, to visit with Don and Jill Jenkins and granddog, Lucy. They also visited with Jeremy and Lindsay Gatewood and children Destiny, Gage and Emily Gatewood.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship.
Jarin Evans and Kaelyn Thorp lighted the altar candles, and Carol Severns served as liturgist. Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings.
Renna Kelly led the children’s worship and Sunday school. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Jim Green will lead the Wednesday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Bible studies at the Brownstown Church.
• Friday, from 9-11:30 a.m., will be the Fifth Quarter at the Brownstown Elementary School cafeteria and gym. Cookies and volunteers are needed.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Harlan and Sherri Beckel and greeted by Jim Dann.
Teresa Mayes, Kaylee Sefton and Kathy Willms led them in songs of praise, accompanied by Tammy Carson, Dick Childress and Eddie Carson. Ken Lamb shared the praises and prayer requests and led in prayer. Rosalie Cox contributed special music, followed by the message, delivered by Jim Dann.
Jim Dann led the Communion devotion.
Also serving: serving at the table-Jim Dann, Vernon Brazle; serving the congregation-Aaron Miller, Craig Daughtery, Brad Smith, Brian Smith, Frank Stringfield, Tony Beardon; assistants-Barry Jennings, Duane Carson; ushers-Junior Carson, Duane Carson; sound system-Tom Mayes; PowerPoint-Dana; Communion preparation-Linda Doerhing; Communion rounds-Delmar Miller, Bob Buzzard; van driver-Vernon Brazle; junior Church-junior church team all month; and pre-K worship-Connie Largent/ Makenzie Parkison.
• Judy Brazle will begin a new study on Jan. 8 in the Bereans classroom during Sunday school time, about the Feasts of Israel and how they relate to world history.
• Wild game supper and “Courageous” movie-Jan. 15 at First Christian Church in Brownstown. Supper at 4:30 p.m. and movie at 6 p.m.
• Senior adult fellowship is Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 11 a.m.-Take soup, sandwiches, salad or dessert.
• Soup supper fellowship is Jan. 29 at 5 p.m. for the annual soup supper. Take your favorite soup, sandwiches or desserts to share.
• Winter Xtreme junior worship-Erin needs winter ski apparel to decorate the junior worship room.