Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

All-points Bulletin Out For Little Foghorn Leghorn…
…or “Foggy,” neighbor White’s little rooster that has been scratching and bugging along the lane.

He seemed to have taken up residence in the lane, as he was there early in the mornings and late in the evenings. We had been concerned about his safety.
A little brown hen had accompanied him the last couple of days we saw him.
They were a cute couple, and “Foggy” would make his rooster noises when Bill was nearby, apparently warning the little hen of possible danger, or warning off Bill from his “little woman.”
We miss seeing him and wonder about his fate, whether he might have met up with the resident chicken hawk, a coyote, weasel, ‘possum, or “Sneaky Pete,” the wily wolf.
We haven’t heard of any “Sneaky Pete” sightings lately, another cause for concern. It has been pretty quiet around the Homestead lately.
Callie, the kitty, however, sits behind the patio door curtains at night, watching the deck and back yard. If she sees a critter on the deck, she lets out a blood-curdling, growling scream –  very unsettling if you are sound asleep.
Josie, the little 11-year-old  “puppy,” hates it when Callie does that. Star, the little white dove, has again chosen a favorite singer, young Tyler Sutton. Accompanying himself on the piano, Tyler sings a beautiful song, with Ryan Paine, playing guitar and singing backup.
We played it at home, and Star began cooing along with it. That puts Tyler in the company of the late John Denver and Gene Autry. (I hope Tyler understands and accepts the honor that Star is bestowing on him.)
There are a lot of acorns this year and they fall on the roof like hail sometimes. We suspect the squirrels are throwing at us. But we love living in, and surrounded by, the woods. It would really be tough adjusting to really close neighbors again.
I couldn’t drink my sunrise coffee on the deck in my housecoat, and the neighbors would probably complain about Smoky  the (adorable) little donkey’s loud, early-morning call to Bill for his breakfast. (Bill even complains about that sometimes.)
Haley Chapel United
Methodist Church
In celebration of the Rev. John O’Dell’s 50 years in the ministry: Haley Chapel United Methodist Church invites the public to the celebration on Sunday at 1:15 p.m. The “Shepherds’ Men’s Quartet” will be in concert.
Haley Chapel is located on U.S. Route 40, east of Bluff City.
See You At The Pole…
September 28 – Prayer at the flag pole at Brownstown High School.
Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church…
…north of Brownstown is having its annual homecoming, Sunday, Oct. 9. The morning service will begin at 11 a.m., with some specials, plus speaking from the minister, the Rev. John O’Dell.
A potluck dinner follows at noon. All invited to join in the annual event and for a time of visiting with former members of Mt. Carmel.
Roses to…
…the anonymous donor who generously gifted the Golden Years Club’s treasury. It is hoped that the donor receives many blessings in return, as the club has been blessed with the benevolent gift.
Roses to…
Mark Kimberlin of Mark’s Café, who presented Flo Allen with a large quantity of soda can tabs for the HCE project of collecting them for the McDonald House.
Celebrations-Birthdays: Mary Jo Summann, Sheryl Brazel, Larry Pilger, Jasemine Cruz, Charlie Watson, Steve Storm, Nathan Grull, Braden Elam and Larry Henna.
Anniversaries: Ben and Billyanna Forbis, Wyatt and Terra Schnarre, Zack and Jessica Fulk, Don and Cindy Holding, Zack and Jenna Townsend, Jeff and Renna Kelly, Terry and Melinda Winters, Corey and Samantha Wall, and Louie and Bonnie Haslett (66 years).
Coming & Going
Catching Up With The Puleos and Debbie
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie went to Bethany Saturday afternoon to watch Jared Bunfill play in a football game.
They were surprised to arrive and see there were no visitors or football players there.
After a phone call, they learned the location had been changed to Sullivan, so they headed for the game and arrived in plenty of time to see a good game.
A Sunday picnic with the family was rained out, so the Puleos shifted gears and took their picnic to Dix, where they visited with Ethel Pittman and enjoyed a nice, dry indoor picnic.
She is recovering from a case of bronchitis and the medicine keeps her pretty sleepy.
After a brief stop in Salem, the Puleos and Debbie returned home.
Breakfast Out
The human (minority) homesteaders, namely Bill and Panzi, ate breakfast out Saturday morning and were greeted by Brownstown Sefton’s own Dave Behrends’ in his new venture, Denny’s, in Vandalia. Judy brought our coffee and Kati served us.
The food was delicious, the atmosphere nice and we saw other friends there. We miss Dave’s “Good Old Days Diner” in Brownstown, but also enjoyed the good food in his new restaurant … and it was good to see him again.
Golden Years Club Receive Anonymous Gift
Nineteen members and three guests were present for the Golden Years Club potluck/meeting Tuesday, Sept. 13.
Club President Charles Reece welcomed those present. He recognized the visitors, Clara Perry, and the Rev. Jim Dann and wife Dana.
Jim asked the blessing and Reece invited the visitors to be served first, along with the September birthday and anniversary people.
Among the many varied dishes were Lucille’s tasty sauerkraut, Ina’s always-good butterbeans, good roasted chicken, homemade cake, Twinkie-To-Go, and a lone, tasty-looking pie that soon disappeared.
Following the meal and the completion of Donnie Smail’s Kitchen Duty Crew, Reece called the meeting to order.
Treasurer Don Smail gave the financial report, including the announcement that an anonymous donor had given a donation to the club.
Much appreciation was voiced by all, in lieu of knowing to whom, or where, to send a more proper “thank you.” Cards signed by all present and sent were a get-well card to Verna Marlene Lewis and a thank you card to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Voisin.
Reece announce the club is getting a new furnace, but will wait on the air conditioner.
He said the present furnace is more than 20 years old and operates at 60-percent efficiency. The new furnace will operate at 90-percent efficiency and will be more economical on fuel.
A suggestion was made to get the air conditioner in January. He mentioned cutting down on expenses and resuming the club’s fundraising events and projects. Reece said that a date has not yet been scheduled for the flu shots.
January 9 has been set for a Red Cross blood drive. Shirley Klitzing gave a reading on “We may dine without…”
Panzi read some advice on paying too much or too little from a sign that had graced the office wall of the late Gene Boley.
Lucille Fisher shared her observation of the previous night’s full moon, which shined beautifully on a church cross. Flo Allen recited a rhyme.
News on members under the weather – Shirley Klitzing said that she had been told that Berniece Bosomworth was now able to use a walker, instead of being confined to a wheelchair (everyone misses Berniece’s riddles).
The next Golden Years meeting will be next Tuesday, with a noon potluck at the Golden Years Club building in Brownstown.  All seniors are welcome to attend.
B-UMW Enjoy Salad Supper at Emmanuel Methodist Church
The Brownstown United Methodist Women gathered on Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. for their annual salad supper, which was enjoyed in the new fellowship hall of  Emmanuel Methodist Church.
Lyndsey Lash, a dedicated young lady from St. Elmo, gave her testimony, telling how she became a foreign Christian mission worker and helped to establish an orphans’ care home in Kenya.
She gave a very moving account of the faith of the children, and the dedication of the workers, who are literally saving the children’s lives by giving them love, shelter and food.
The project needs donations. You may contact Lyndsey or the “Jump for Joel” program.
President Carol Severns conducted a brief business meeting. She gave a report on the district meeting held in Casey on Sept. 13, which Marilyn Yakel, Luella Cunningham and Severns attended.
Donations of items collected for the Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House and the Cunningham Children’s Home were taken to the meeting, along with a prayer shawl to be dedicated and given to the Lessie Bates Home.
Representatives from each group gave a report and thanked everyone for their support. Cunningham gave everyone a Prayer-A-Day calendar, a reminder to pray for the children. A Christmas wish list from the children was also given.
Randy Reese of the Methodist Church District was guest speaker at the meeting. He gave a talk and reminded everyone to continue to give to “Imagine No Malaria.”
•September 18 was UMW Sunday in the Methodist Churches.
The women were recognized as Jim Green presided in swearing in the Brownstown UMW officers for 2012. Each officer was reminded of her duties with a scripture reading. The ceremony ended with a prayer of blessing.
UMW Calendar:
•The next district meeting is Oct. 1, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Crossroads UMC in Washington, Ill.
•October 20 at 2 p.m. – Next local meeting to be held at Brookstone Estates in Vandalia. Everyone is asked to cookies and enjoy an afternoon of singing and visiting with the residents.
•October 29 – District officers’ update will be held at Toledo UMC. Officers for 2012 should attend.
Members attending the salad supper/meeting were: Carol Severns, Marilyn Yakel, Connie Green, Betty Williams, Marge Weiss, Betty Miller, Carol Henna, Kay Henna and Phyllis Smith. Special guests were Lyndsey Lash and Jim Green.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
The morning worship service for the Brownstown United Methodist Church began with the prelude by pianist Bette Stolte. Jarin Evans, and Lainie and Wade Voelker lighted the altar candles.
Designated as United Methodist Women’s Sunday, members of the UMW participated in the service. Marybelle Ledbetter and Marilyn Yakel were greeters. Flo Allen and Betty Williams received and presented the offerings.
Carol Severns served as liturgist and reported on the mission projects and activities of the Brownstown United Methodist Women. During the announcements, anniversary blessings were sung to Zachary and Jenna Townsend.
Embarras River District Superintendent, the Rev. Randy Reese, delivered the message and closed with prayer. The 9 a.m. children’s worship and fellowship was led by Jenna Townsend. Flo Allen led the adult class.
First Christian Church
The Palecek family greeted the congregation of Liberty Christian, and Matthew Smith led the opening prayer. Susan Smith and Matthew Smith led in songs of praise, accompanied by pianist Robin Lovett, and guita ists Walt Kinney, Chuck Enlow and Rick Cox.
Scripture reading was by Susan Smith. Matthew Smith contributed special music, followed by the message, delivered by Ralph Swarthout. Delbert Miller led the Communion meditation and prayer. Charlie Watson led the devotion, and prayer for gifts and offerings.
Also serving were: Sunday school nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m. nursery-Joann Strobel; toddler worship-Karen Willms and Bonnie Shelton; Quest-4-Christ-Walt and Adrienne Kinney; and Communion to shut-ins-Brent Keyes and Don Willms;
Communion preparation-Don and Ellen Willms; serving congregation/Communion-Mitch Koehler, Levi Tackett, Trevor Willms, Matthew Smith, Jack Shelton; usher-Ron Gould; PowerPoint-Ashton Smith; sound-Don Lovett; librarian-Judy Palecek; and closing prayer-Ralph Swarthout.
•Special Ladies Fellowship at the church Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. – “Lord, Change Me-Journey Towards Change.” Theme: “God’s Transforming Power.” Scripture focus-2 Corinthians 3:18 and Romans 12:2.
•The preachers ate cookin’ and so are the elders for a free all-church pancake-and-all-the-trimmins’ brunch on Sunday, Oct. 2, following Sunday school at 11:45 a.m.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Chad and Kelly Newell, and led in songs of praise by Buffy Chandler, Katie Carson, Brittany White, Eddie Carson, Dick Childress, Brady Wright, Tommy Carson and Connie Largent.
Jack Durbin shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer.
Special music was contributed by Annie Chandler, followed by the message. Communion devotion was led by Kyle Anderson. Brian Smith led the offering prayer.
Also serving: serving at the table-Kyle Anderson, Delmar Miller; serving the congregation-Brad Smith, Brian Smith, Craig Daugherty, John Grames, Aaron Miller, Frank Stringfield; assistants-Matt Stonecipher, Tom Mayes; ushers-John Schaub, Brian Smith; sound-Dan Largent; nursery-Holly Robison, Jessica Sefton; Communion preparation-Kathy Willms; Communion rounds-John Willms, Ken Lamb; welcome center-Ruth Ann Stewart; van driver-Bill Robison; junior church-Kelly and Chan Newell; and pre-K worship-Holly Grames and Makenzie Parkison.
Evyn Barker was baptized on Sept. 4.
•Sunday-School employees will be honored at the morning service.
•Monday evening-Elders  meeting at 7 p.m. and deacons  meeting at 8 p.m.
•New Liberty directory-The office is working on a new directory. Anyone having any changes (new family members, phone numbers, address, etc.) since the last directory should let Dana know.