Brownstown-Sefton News

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By Panzi Blackwell

 ‘Possum Playing ‘Possum?...
…not this time. The morning after the last big rain, an opossum’s body was found in the lane in a puddle. We believe it was a case of “hit and run,” as the body was found down toward U.S. Route 40.
Also, we have not had a nightly visitor around the yard lately, and the girls’ eggs (Anita and Blackie hen) are now being accounted for. As we have no definite proof of identity, we refer to the body as “John O’Doe “ (but it was a ‘possum, not a deer doe).

However, should the ‘possum  problem reoccur, a faithful reader, Sharon Carter, advised we get a live trap, bait it to lure the critter in it, and take it for a ride to an equally ‘possum-life-sustaining area, and free it, unharmed. She also specified, “not near her house.”
As the wild critters lived here before we set up homesteading back here, we (at least I) feel that we are the intruders.
But we feel we have established “squatters’ rights” after 26 years and it would be much easier for the “possum to move than us, with all our pet critters, etc.
Sharon’s solution seems the least complicated for us humans. Note to ‘possums – you may earn free “travel miles” by entering the cage without benefit of bait.
Coming Up In Our
Note To Fayette County HCE Board Members
For the next board meeting (Sept. 26), take bring an item to represent a project in which your unit is involved (i.e. Little Dresses program, Christmas cards for the military, teddy bears, tabs collection).
A group picture will be taken for use for the IAHCE week coming up, the proclamation, and for the IAHCE newsletter.
Coming Events
• “See You at the Pole“ – Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 7 a.m. at Brownstown High School.
•Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church, north of Brownstown, is having its annual homecoming on Sunday, Oct. 9.
The morniung service is at 11 a.m., with some specials, plus speaking from the minister, the Rev. John O’Dell, then a potluck at noon.
The public is invited to the annual event and for a time of visiting with former members of Mt. Carmel.
Brownstown Branch Library Opportunities
•Children’s Story Time is being presented on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. on Sept.14, 21, and 28. If they are well attended, other story times will be set for the rest of the year. Each child that attends must be accompanied by an adult.
•An adult book club being planned. If you would like to participate, contact the library at 427-3853. When 10 or more sign up, a meeting will be held at the library to set up dates and to discuss a list of books that will be read.
•The library is interested in setting up adult classes this winter. If you have a topic or would like to present a program, contact the library and speak to a librarian.     
Birthdays: Sarah Gelsinger, Mike Bubb, Faye Watson, Mary Jo Summan, Nathan Grull, Braden Elam and Larry Henna.
Anniversaries: Don and Cindy Holding, Zack and Jenna Townsend, Jeff and Renna Kelly, Trevor and Megan Willms, Choya and Karen Morrison, and Terry and Melinda Winters.         
Coming & Going
Catching Up With the Puleos and Debbie
Ken and Wanda and Debbie visited in Dix last Thursday with her mother, Ethel Pittman, and Wanda’s brother, Phillip.
They traveled to Sandoval to watch grandson Brad Meskil, play baseball, during which, Wanda said, ‘the wind about blew them away.’
They are on the alert, expecting another grandchild to be born in Creve Coeur, Mo., any day now.
Sefton Unit HCE Meet
Club President Flo Allen called the Thursday, Sept. 8, Sefton Unit Home and Community Education meeting to order and led the pledge to the American flag.
Allen provided gold ribbons for all to be worn through September for Children’s Cancer Awareness.
Seventeen members and one guest, Karen Schilling Hunter, gathered in the Golden Years Club building at 1 p.m. and answered the roll call given by secretary, Joyce Fisher, “My favorite foreign food,” in keeping with next month’s designation as International Month.
Although the honored country this year is Scotland, most preferred Chinese or Mexican dishes. Shirley Klitzing, treasurer, gave the financial report.
Allen read the August board notes and announced that that Jennings, a Fayette County HCE member, is organizing a trip to the Covered Bridge Festival held at Mansfield and Bridgeton, Ind.
Shirley Mattes announced that Kaskaskia College would begin a class on Sept. 12, on writing your life story.  Elizabeth Kasten presented the lesson, “Cooking from Your Cabinet, Refrigerator and Freezer.”
She gave several helpful tips on saving extra trips to the store by substituting ingredients you have on hand when preparing a recipe and discovering you lack an ingredient.
She also gave the “Rainbow of Colors” method of organization, each color representing one of the five major food groups-grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy, and proteins.
Allen made the following reminders and announcements:
•Sefton HCE October meeting is a hobo meeting – dress like a hobo and enjoy hobo stew. The pot and stew meat will be provided. Take two cans of food – a can of vegetables to dump in the stew pot and one can for the food pantry.
•Also this meeting is the club’s annual Lighthouse Pregnancy Center baby shower. Items especially needed at this time are: diapers, digital thermometers, bottles, bottle brushes and toiletries. Take unwrapped baby items for the shower.
•International Potluck Dinner honoring Scotland is Oct. 27 at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo. Registration at 5:30, eat at 6. Sefton Unit responsible for clean-up detail.
•Allen and Rhodes are to attend the IAHCE Conference at Effingham on Oct. 15.
Allen read the “Homemaker’s Creed” and passed around a newspaper article about the author, Mary Stewart.
Allen then read a humorous article, “Becoming Older.”
Co-hostesses Sally Behrends and LaVonne Kramer served cherry and whipped cream desert, candy and nuts, and iced tea.
Door prize winners were: Karen Schilling Hunter, Betty Williams, Marilyn Yakel, Alice Scott, Shirley Klitzing, Elizabeth Kasten, Lora Foutch, Phyllis Pryor and Panzi Blackwell.
Also present: Flo Allen, Phyllis Bruno, Sally Behrends, Joyce Fisher, LaVonne Kramer, Rita Miller, Debbie Swain, Shirley Mattes and Marge Weiss.
United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Carol Severn served as liturgist and Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Guest speaker Don Thomas delivered the message.
Jenna Townsend led the 9 a.m. children’s fellowship and worship. Flo Allen led the 9:30 a.m. adult class.
•Thursday at 6 p.m.-United Methodist Women Salad Supper will be held at Emmanuel Fellowship Hall. Special speaker-Lindsay Lash and installation of officers.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Toby and Barb Tackett. As the Sunday morning service began, the lights were turned off and a very inspiring video of 9/11 was viewed.
At the end of the video, all stood for silent prayer, with John Robinson ending the prayer time. Praise singers Susan Smith and Matthew Smith led the congregation in songs of praise.
They were accompanied by pianist Robin Lovett, drummer Walt Kinney and guitarists Rick Cox, Chuck Enlow and James Schaible.
Adrienne Kinney contributed special music, followed by the message, delivered by John Robinson. Brent Keyes led the Communion meditation and prayer. Duane Willms led the gifts and offerings meditation and prayer.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery-Deb Hunter; toddler worship-Barb Tackett and Abby Enlow; Quest-4-Christ-Brent and Janet Keyes and Team; Communion to shut-ins-Chuck Enlow and Charlie Watson; Communion preparation-Mitch and Raelynn Koehler; serving Communion/offering-Mitch Koehler, Levi Tackett, Trevor Willms, Matthew Smith, Duane Willms; usher-Ron Gould; PowerPoint-Ashton Smith; sound tech-Don Lovett; librian-Judy Palacek; and closing prayer-John Robison.
•BFCC Men and Boys Rendevous-Sunday, Sept. 25, at 1 p.m. until evening worship at the “Sea of Galilee” (Steve Storm’s) in Sefton.
•”See You At The Pole“ ­ Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 7 a.m. at the Brownstown High School. FCC is to provide the breakfast casseroles.