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By The Staff

Possum Dog Needed
As our doggie population has decreased, the wild critter invasion has increased. Some of our past doggie friends were real guardians of the Homestead, always on the lookout for unwelcome varmints.

Not that we mind seeing an occasional wild critter come around; after all, we chose to live in the woods. Our first blue heeler/lab mix, “Princess,” was Cora’s dog and she was death on moles. She soon rid the yard of them.
One day we came home and she was sitting under a tree with five dead moles lined up in front of her on display. We saw very few signs of moles after that.
The cute, but pesky little chipmunks also took to their tunnels instead of running around in the yard. Once when we were digging in the back yard, we found their many tunnels. They had a lot of nuts and acorns stored in them, ready for the winter.
“Candy,” my sweetheart, was our next blue heeler/lab mix and she also kept the yard cleared of anything she thought was a pest. We were not bothered with moles, possums, etc., as long as she could get to them. Those were the “outside doggies.”
The “inside doggies,” “Missy” and later Cora’s little “Connie,” both little miniature dachshunds, were also tenacious and determined little hunters when it came to an invader mouse.
Even little “Mandy,” Josie’s mother, who was a dachshund/chihuahua mix and a real guardian, “thought” she killed a possum one night on the back porch. (I thought she did, too) However, the next morning the little guy had gone on his way.
”Pricey” and “Bertha” kept their very large pens clear of any woods critters that happened to get too close. They didn’t mind the guinea family getting in their pen, but opossums and raccoons were not welcome.
They are all gone now, except for Bertha, who is getting older and just enjoys the fan and resting these days. As they were each special in their own way, we don’t believe any of them could be replaced. Thus, the woods critters are moving back into the Homesteader’s territory.
We are not sure what a good possum dog would be or look like, but as the possums play dead (as the one did with Mandy) we figure the dog ought to be able to use a stethoscope.
Birthdays: Gary Smith, Kyle Anderson, Dan Largent, Paul Zak, Norma Moore, Ravyn Beshears, Sherri Beckel, Roger Smith, Shirley Goldsborough, Karen Morrison, Judy Palacek, Megan Willms, Sebastion Stokes, Kaitlyn Enlow, Cathy Haynes and Deanna Hovious. Anniversaries: Matthew and Jamie Smith, Jeremy and Shannon Claycomb, Bob and Faye Schwarm, and Don and Ellen Willms.
Coming & Going
Attended Kaitlyn’s
Kaitlyn Kramer graduated on Aug. 6 from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. Attending the graduation were her parents, Stan and Tammy Kramer; brother, Michael; grandmothers, LaVonne Kramer and Loyce Becker; and friend Nick.
Joining them in the evening were aunts and uncles, Cheryl and Bill Foster, Tony and Brenda Dial, and Chris and Kevin Kramer, and sons, friends, Sandra Stine, and Lisa, Larry and Alison Rebbe.
Golden Years Club Meets
Nineteen members and six guests were present for the Golden Years Club noon potluck and meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 9.
Club President Charlie Reece extended the welcome and introduced guests: Clarise Perry, Bill Voisin, Bob Vander Heiden, Taylee Brockett, Payton Newlon and Holly Grames.
Prior to the meeting, Becky of the Fayette County Health Department took free blood pressure readings. The FCHD conducts a free blood pressure clinic just prior to the first club meetings every other month. The next clinic will be held Oct. 11.
Reece asked the blessing for the meal, which included Lucille Fisher’s homemade noodles and her eggplant casserole, Flo Allen’s rhubarb pie and Ina Abendroth’s butterbeans, among other delicious dishes.
Following the meal and the finished task of Donnie Smail’s cleanup kitchen crew, Reece called the meeting to order. Treasurer Smail gave the financial report on expenses and bills paid, the totals arrived at despite “the low batteries on my calculator,” he reported.
Reece and Smail discussed getting estimates on the new furnace to be installed in the club building.
Smail also gave a report on his trip to visit with Golden Years club member Berniece Bosomworth, who suffered a fall sometime ago.
Reece had visited club member Marjorie Howell in a nursing home and found her getting along all right.
Loyce Becker gave a reading entitled, “Words to Live By.” Lucille Fisher shared pictures of her new little great-granddaughter, Noella, who arrived from China recently, adopted by Lucille’s granddaughter, Shannon and her husband.
Attention was brought to the new clocks that had been donated for the club room. The next meeting/potluck will be held  Aug. 23 at noon.
South Side Kids 4-H Group Guests of Sefton HCE Meeting
Sefton Unit HCE met Thursday, Aug. 11, with 20 members and seven guests attending.
The meeting began with highlight of the day, the attendance of members of the Southside 4-H Club and their leader, Bobbie Wells. Each one showed and talked about their projects:
•Kayla Black-# 1-Photography 3-Photo Editing-received State Fair Delegate; # 2-Public Speaking-Grand Champion, Public Speaking- w/History’s Mistakes;
•Morgan Wells-Cat show-Persian cat-“Moonshine.” Grand Champion; first place-cat show Fayette County Fair;
•Chris Wells-woodworking, Class A-4-H ribbon, fourth place-Fayette County Fair. The guests enjoyed refreshments following their program.
Accompanying the 4-H group were guests, Kayla and Isabella Bolyard from New Mexico. A check from the Sefton HCE was presented to the South Side kids 4-H Club.
Following the 4-H presentations and departure, Club President Flo Allen called the meeting to order and led the pledge to the American flag.
Club Secretary Joyce Fisher gave the roll call with the question, “Where is your favorite place to picnic,” with the most popular answer being,  “Sally Behrend’s pond.”
Fisher then read the minutes of the last meeting. It was announced that a new member Betty Miller has joined the Sefton Club. Treasurer Shirley Klitzing gave the financial report and announced the Sefton club dues have raised from 25 cents to 50 cents a month.
Klitzing also listed “The Things We Do,” including the following:  contribute to Caring & Sharing, the Food Pantry; area 4-H Clubs; to the veterans homes (magazines, clothes, etc.); health department (children’s books); Vandalia Rehab (magazines, knick-knacks, books, toiletries); Lighthouse Pregnancy Center (baby shower); Brownstown Library (books, magazines, bookmarks); hospital E.R. and nursing home (laprobes, teddy bears, magazines); making Little Dresses for Africa, which includes other needy countries.
Other projects are collecting: Yoplait points for Cancer research; soda can tabs for McDonald House; stamps for church; glasses for the Lions Club; cell phones; used print cartridges for school; Box Tops for Education; labels, and greeting card fronts for church.
Allen read the July Board notes: the HCE International Dinner will be held Thursday, Oct. 27, at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo.
The country honored will be Scotland, and Vandalia Day’s Joyce Mueller will be the speaker. Members are asked to wear a gold ribbon during the month of September for Cancer Awareness in Children Month.
Allen gave some readings entitled, “The Shape I’m In,”  “Maxine,” and “Men.” Annettia Van Haley told a humorous story about “A Country Girl.”
Bessie Meyer also told a humorous story. Phyllis Pryor read an interesting article on the word, “Up,” beginning with the statement that the word “up” has more meanings than any other two-letter word.  
Ginny Wilbur announced library programs are being planned and asked for any suggestions.
Door prizes winners: Betty Williams, Panzi Blackwell, Annettia VanHaley, LaVonne Kramer, Hilda Phillips, Marge Weiss, Debbie Swain, Carol Oldham, Marilyn Yakel, Shirley Klitzing and Shirley Mattes.
Also attending were: Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Ginny Wilbur, Alice Scott, Lora Fouch, Normalee Terry, Elizabeth Kasten, Phyllis Pryor, and Joyce Fisher. Guests were: Brenda Meyer, Bobbie Wells, Kayla Black, Morgan Wells, Chris Wells, and Kayla and Isabella Bolyard.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by John and Jacy Schaub, and welcomed by Jim Dann. It was a morning of praises as Christina Steber was baptized by Jim Dann, and Emmet and Annie Chandler were baptized by Clay Chandler.
Worship leaders Stef Anderson, Kaylee Sefton and Teresa M Mayes led the congregation in songs of praise, accompanied by Eddie Carson-guitar, Brady Wright-drums, Kim Miller-piano and Tammy Carson-keyboard.
Kyle Andersom shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Jim Dann delivered the message.
Eddie Carson and Brady Wright contributed the Communion song. The Communion devotion and prayer were led by Paul Parkison. The offering prayer was led by Aaron Miller.
Also serving: serving at the table: Paul Parkison, John Willms; serving the congregation: Frank Stringfield, Bob Buzzard, Craig Daugherty, Ken Lamb, Aaron Miller, Brad Smith; assistants: Cory Willms, John Schaub; ushers: Mark Schaub, Brian Smith; sound system: Tom Mayes; PowerPoint: Kyle Anderson; nursery: Sara Stonecipher, Kenley Durbin; Communion preparation: Leah Washburn; and Communion rounds: Vernon Brazle, Judy Brazle.
•Fall youth pool party and cookout at the Vandalia Pool on Sunday at 5 p.m.  Kids and adults of all ages welcome to eat and swim.
•Aug. 22-Elders (at 7 p.m.) and board meetings (8 p.m.)
•Aug. 28 at the Altamont Christian Church at 5 p.m. “The Blue Suede Crew” show, with the music of Elvis and Johnny Cash.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte began the morning worship service at the United Methodist Church sharing the words to the hymn, “No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus.”
Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candle and Carol Severns was liturgist. Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings.
Lay speaker Jim Green delivered the massage at Emmanuel and Brownstown churches. He closed with the benediction. The children’s worship and fellowship was led by Jenna Townsend. The adult class was led by Vernus Lytle.
•Thursday at 2 p.m., the Brownstown UMV will meet at the church for a business meeting to set the 2012 pledge and election of 2012 officers.
•Sept. 10 at 6 p.m., Wolf Creek Cluster Picnic will be held at the Brownstown Park.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Jack and Bonnie Shelton, and led in songs of praise by Jack Shelton, Deanna Hovious and Joann Strobel.
The call to worship was given by a ladies trio, Susan Smith, Joann Strobel and Cathy Smith. Musicians were: pianist-Robin Lovett, guitarists-Rick Cox, James Shaible, and Walt Kinney, drummer-Tucker Willms and saxophone-Matt Shelton. Jack Shelton led the opening prayer.
Special music was contributed by Charlie Watson, followed by the message, delivered by  John Robinson.
Steve Storm led the Communion meditation. Duane Willms led the  gifts and offering prayer. Also serving: Sunday school nursery: Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery: Deb Hunter; toddler worship: Barb Tackett, Abby Enlow; Quest-4-Christ: Barb Tackett and team; Communion to shut-ins: Duane Willms. Steve Storm; Communion preparation and cleanup: Tena Gould, Cathy Haynes; serving congregation with Communion and offerings: Travis Gould, Brent Keyes, Bill Smith, Delbert Miller, Steve Storm; usher: Melvin Willms; librarian: Shelly Rook; PowerPoint: Penny Cox; sound technician: Matthew Smith; and closing prayer: John Robinson.
•A 60th wedding anniversary open house for Don and Ellen Willms is Saturday, from 5-7 p.m. at the church and everyone is  invited to join the celebration.
•WNL Kick-Off Road Trip  (grades 6-12) to Powerlight Fest and Illinois State Fair is Sunday. Meet at the church at 9:30 a.m. for prayer time and Communion. Must have permission slips to go. Return to church at 9:30 p.m. The first regular WNL youth meeting is Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 6:23 p.m. See Steve for a kickoff permission slips.
•Praise Hymn Service & Ice Cream Social is Sunday at 6 p.m. at the church. Everyone is invited. Takeyour favorite ice cream (homemade, if possible) and toppings to share.
•All-Church Service Project, Saturday, Aug. 27, at 9 a.m. The Ladies Fellowship will sponsor this service project at the St. Elmo Laundromat, where the group will be giving away coins for washing and drying, and offering refreshments.
All are welcome to help, and any donations would be appreciated. Contact Tena Gould for more information.