Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

Annie, The Little Goat…
…this hot weather. She has shade in her pen, an igloo house, in which she sleeps, but she chooses a corner of her pen where the sun shines down all day. She has a fuzzy coat and it seems strange, but this seems to be her favorite spot.\

Bertha, the great pyrnese, lies in her Igloo house most of the time with the fans blowing on her. Callie, the kitty, goes outside but soon returns to the air conditioning.
She does have a favorite spot outside on the wrought iron chair near the patio door. Josie, the little 11-year-old puppy, is not a very happy camper during the hot weather.
She is in the air conditioning, but she isn’t getting to go in the car now; it’s just too hot.
Roses and a Tip Of The Hat…
…to the 4-H kids and their leaders. All have been busy working on their projects and exhibitions and showing them at the Fayette and other county fairs.
The trophies and awards won are coveted prizes and highly visible results of their accomplishments. Some go on to other fairs, including the Illinois State Fair at Springfield.
However, winning is not the only, nor the most important objective, purpose and goal of the 4-H organization.
Responsibility, physical and mental commitment, integrity, learning to work together and leadership are important traits of good character, which are taught, learned and practiced in the years of being a “4-H kid.”
And not to forget the parents/guardians who also help, often behind the scenes, providing encouragement, support and transportation.
The 4-H club is great for the kids and contributes much to the county fairs.
Liberty Garage Sale…
…Aug. 6, from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. At noon on Saturday, there is a $1 bag sale – anything you can put in a bag. See Barb Morrison for more details.
Red Cross Blood Drive at Liberty Church…
…Tuesday, Aug. 9, from 2:30-6:30 p.m.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Jennifer Lovett, Matt Shelton, Colten Hunter, Jeremy Claycomb and Alice Scott. Anniversaries-Earl and Deanna Hovious, and Earl and Marcia Pemberton.
Coming & Going
Catching Up with the Puleos and Debbie
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie joined Tom and Kathy Bunfill in Sullivan for a trip to Wisconsin over the weekend.
The Bunfills had traded their car for the weekend with a friend who had a SUV.
They checked in at Sheboygan and contacted one of their cousins who had already arrived from Florida. Seven cousins and their families were there to attend the wedding of an eighth cousin.
The families all got together Friday evening in Plymouth for a casual dinner. Several of the men played golf on Saturday morning.
The wedding was held at the Community Church of Christ, a quaint church in Elkhart Lake.
A reception was held at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake that evening, with appetizers and dinner served.
Earl and Deanna Celebrate 40 Years
Earl and Deanna Hovious observed their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday at the First Christian Church fellowship room.
The color theme of blue, white and yellow was used with blue tablecloths, adorned with green plants and yellow flowers and crystal votive cups holding blue candles.
The cake tablecloth was white, overlaid with blue lace. The table held a decorated cake, a centerpiece, and yellow punch in a crystal bowl.
Another table, covered with a yellow cloth, held many pictures from childhood through the present, along with their marriage license. Miniature twinkle lights decorated the room.
The renewal of their marriage vows were repeated at 3:30 p.m. by the local minister, the Rev. John Robinson.
Granddaughter Kiersty Allen, Deanna’s sister, Connie Harre, and niece, Shannon Harre, served the cake and punch. Also helping were Faye Watson, Laura Willms, and Jeff and Michelle Allen.
Annual Family Hootenanny Picnic Held
On Sunday, Bill and Panzi Blackwell went to the Vandalia Lake to meet with 29 family members and four guests for their annual family hootenanny and potluck picnic.
Following the blessing asked by Panzi Blackwell, the family and friends filled their plates from the potluck. The 13th birthday of Caitlyn Depew was also observed with birthday cake and decorations.
Following the meal, family group pictures were taken, then most of the group went swimming or fishing, returning to the pavilion from time to time to snack and visit.
Present were Tanya, Nick James and children Aiden and Alexis; Alex Depew and son Joseph, and friend, Claudea; Kamie Depew, Justin Sweet and daughter, Haylie Sweet; Jim and Sarah Depew; Corey and Brandie Horn and children Shelbie Elmore, Xia Depew, Kyrie Depew and friends, Kayla Zimmerman and Garrett; Don and Jill Jenkins and granddaughter Savannah Jenkins; Jeremy and Lindsay Gatewood and children Destiny Jourdan, Gage Jourdan and Emily Gatewood.
Golden Years Club Meet
Twenty members and one guest signed the register on Tuesday, July 26, at the Golden Years Club meeting and potluck dinner.
Club president, Charlie Reece gave the welcome and recognized the birthday of Alice Scott and a guest, Karen Schilling Hunter. Jim Budlove asked the blessing for the meal.
Among the many dishes, noted were Lucille Fisher’s homemade bread, Carolyn Grame’s tomatoes, zucchini and onion stewed-together-dish, and Ina Abendroth’s butterbeans. Mr. Budlove jokingly suggested that Donnie Smail had brought “burnt offerings” as the buns were a little over-toasted, to which Donnie replied they were just burned on one side.
The “Talk in the Kitchen,” while Donnie and his kitchen clean-up crew made short work of their task, was about days of the past.
Donnie told Karen Shilling Hunter, that when he was a boy, he used to mow the yard of the house where she now lives, for $1.25, with no overhead, as he used a push mower and didn’t have to buy gas and oil.
He recalled that one day it was 104 degrees while he was mowing. He also recalled the lady who lived there would come out and put a warm, freshly-baked cookie in his hand.
Charlie Reece called the meeting to order and Smail gave the financial report.
He also announced that hand rails are now in place at both west entrance doors, thanks to the work of Gary Hagy and Reece.
He also announced the club had changed to Country Insurance Co.
Smail also noted that Phyllis Pryor had planted flowers in front of the club building. Pryor gave the credit to the Sefton Unit HCE.
An informal time of discussion/conversation followed, during which the old days of oleo margarine, which looked like lard, several “confessions” of air conditioning problems and stuck windows, which were solved by common sense (such as unhooking a hook to raise the window).
The next potluck/meeting will be on Tuesday, July 9, at the Golden Years Club building in Brownstown. All seniors are welcome.
FCC Ladies Fellowship Meet
The First Christian Church Ladies Fellowship met at the church fellowship room for their monthly meeting on Thursday, July 28, with 14 ladies and two children were present.
The theme for the meeting was “Angels Watching Over Me,” with scripture from Hebrews 1:14.
President Tena Gould, thanked all for attending and for bringing the approximately 70 angels on display. Each lady told of the meaning of her “special angel.”
Gould then led in prayer. Claudia Edwards, gave the secretary’s report. Phyllis Pryor gave the treasurer’s report.
Gould hosted a game with each lady giving a response to the following questions: How many books in the Bible in which angels are mentioned?-(winner-Deanna Hovious); How many times are angels mentioned in the Old testament? (winner-Normalee Terry); How many times are angels mentioned in the new testament (winner-kristi Enlow); Most angels on display-Deanna Hovious.
Gould gave a devotion using different scripture from the Bible in reference to angels. A business meeting was held with the following topics:
•Next meeting-Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. The theme will be “Glimpses of Heaven”; Aug. 21-at 6 p.m.-homemade ice cream social, hosted by the Ladies Fellowship, with people to bring their own toppings.
•On Aug. 27, the ladies will be going to the St. Elmo laundromat to serve coffee, cold drinks, snacks and quarters for the washers and dryers;
•The annual Christmas brunch committee was named: Faye Watson, Deanna Hovious, and Marcia Pemberton. Time and date will be announced later.
Joann Strobel led the ladies in a song recorded by the Oakridge Boys entitled, “Angels Watching Over Me.”
Refreshments of key lime pie, vegetable tray dip, banana nut bread, ice tea, lemonade and coffee was served to Billie Enlow, Claudia Edwards, Deanna Hovious, Evelyn Wells, Rosie Enlow, Faye Watson, Phyllis Pryor, Cathy Haynes, Lynn Boggs, Bonnie Haslett, Normalee Terry, Tena Gould, Joann Strobel, and Kristi Enlow and children Khole and Marshall.
Tena Gould shared the praises and prayer requests, and closed the meeting with prayer.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Walt and Adrienne Smith, and led in songs of praise by Cathy Smith and Judy Pilger.
Accompanists were: Robin Lovett, pianist; Mitchell Smith-drummer; Matt Shelton-saxophone; and guitarists-Rick Cox, Walt Kinney and Chuck Enlow.
Scripture reading was by Cathy Smith. Special music was by Larry DeLawder as he played a harmonica and sang, followed by the message delivered by John Robinson.
A mixed quartet-Jack Shelton, Susan Smith, Don  Lovett, and Cathy Smith sang “Precious Memories,” dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Earl and Deanna Hovious.
Terry Smith led the Communion meditation. John Robinson led the gifts and offerings prayer and meditation.
Also serving: serving the congregation: Trevor Willms, Larry Pilger, Duane Willms, Steve Storm, Don Willms; usher-Morgan Pryor; Communion to shut-ins-Brent Keyes, Don Willms; Communion preparation/clean up-Jack and Bonnie Shelton; PowerPoint-Ashton Smith; sound tech-Don Lovett; librarian-Joann Strobel; Sunday school and a.m. nursery-Tena Gould; toddler worship-Joann Strobel, Tucker Willms; and Quest-4-Christ-the DeLawder family and the Q-4-C team.
•Fayette County Kids Fishing Tourney –Saturday, Aug. 6, at the Brownstown Park, 9 a.m.-noon. Registration at 8:45 a.m. Bait and drinks will be provided, and age-group prizes will be awarded.
•August leadership-Meeting on Sunday at 11:45 a.m. for the elders and deacons and their families. Those attending are asked to bring Italian dishes and a desert.
•C.I.Y. (Christ in Youth) was held for high school students from July 18-22, at the Southern Illinois University campus in Carbondale. Seven youths and two chaperones (Cathy Smith and Kaitlyn Enlow) attended the four-day event.
Liberty Christian Church -Youth Sunday
The youth served as greeters, prayer time, serving at table (ministers-Erin Klug and Richard Weese, serving the congregation), ushers and worship leaders.
Special music was by Cole Harre. Musicians were: guitar-Dick Childress; drums-Eddie Carson; piano and keyboard-the youth; sound system-Dan Largent; PowerPoint-Teresa Mayes; nursery-Paula and Brian Brunk; Communion preparation-Margie Stringfield; Communion rounds-John Willms, Josh Robinson; and welcome center-Keri Holding.
•Fall youth kick-off pool party and cookout at the Vandalia Pool on Sunday, Aug. 21, at 5 p.m.