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By The Staff

Homestead E-mail SOS
(e-mail sent only (no) show)
The last few weeks of e-mailing the news have (finally) been running smoothly, no lost messages and arriving at their various destinations. Thanks to the “angels” who have been seeing me through this struggle of coping with a new laptop, new wireless printer and the really new venture into the mysterious world of Internet.

Patting ourselves on the back for finally getting into the world of doing everything on the keyboard, thus saving countless trips (and gas) to the newspaper offices, having film developed, etc., I was relaxing and actually enjoying my new venture.
Last Monday went smoothly – that evening, I had finished the news column and sent it on to Kathy of the Devonian and, not receiving a phone call to the contrary, assumed she had received it. Then I blithely sent the L-U its version, plus the church page offering, and the feature story, again assuming they had received all of theirs.
The next morning, looking forward to the Golden Years dinner and meeting. Bill and I had prepared our dish to take for the potluck, and I called the L-U, only to discover they had not received their e-mail. I resent it, again it failed to reach them, although, again, the laptop said it was sent. I quickly called Kathy and learned that she had received hers with no problem.
To make a long (and horrifying story) short, we had to miss the Golden Years dinner to work on the missing e-mails problem.
Making do to get the news and story to the L-U, we then had to make an appointment to get the laptop a P.E. (physical exam) to find the problem. We took it to Steven at Computer Repair and he quickly found the problem, which was not in my computer (whew! and thanks), but with the Internet. Hopefully, everything will go more smoothly this week and the e-mails will go through with no problems. I’d sure hate to go back to the “write-by-hand” method.
Bertha and Pricey Ready
To Go Back Home To The Mountains
The “August weather” which we had last week reminded us that it is time to get out Bertha and Pricey’s (the Great Pyrnese) wading pools for summer. As their ancestors came from the Great Pyrnese Mountains (hence the breed’s name), they still have the heavy, long, thick coats that are compatible with the snowy mountains, not the Illinois humid and hot weather.
Last year, Pricey spent all summer long on the air-conditioned front porch because of her near-fatal illness. She would probably like that AC out in their pens. They have dug holes in the cool, moist, earth and have not as yet complained or look stressed.
They will have to have a new hairstyle for summer (cut short) and have their wading pools freshened with cool water often to survive. We love them and wouldn’t want to lose them, but it would be better for their breed if they were left in the climate for which the Creator made them. People kind of tend to mess nature up.
From The Roost
The girls, Anita and Blackie (chickens), are really enjoying the early morning bugging. They putter around all day, bugging and making pleasant little sounds, except when it was hot, and then we saw them getting settled in patches of dry dirt. Blackie was getting it all over her feathers, much like the little wild birds take baths in the rain puddles.
Brownstown School
“End Of The Year” Info
Students will attend classes on Friday, May 27, and be dismissed at 1:50 p.m., the last day of regular attendance. Teacher institute day is Tuesday, May 31. Report cards may be picked up beginning on Wednesday, June 1-10, in the office during office hours.
Report cards will not be mailed out. Lunch accounts should be paid up, and all library books and textbooks should be returned to clear accounts before the end of the year.
Lunch account balances will be carried over to the next year.
There is no summer school program this year.
Looking Ahead To Next Year
To help with planning vacation trips, etc., registration day will be Aug. 9. The first day of student attendance is Aug. 18, 2011.
Immunizations and physicals must be up-to-date before students attend classes on the first day.
Who Will Need Exams?
To help with scheduling appointments for required exams in time for school-
•Physicals given within one year before Aug. 18, are needed by students entering Kindergarten and 6th grade. Physicals will be conducted at school on Aug. 11.
Additional information will be given at registration.
•Vision exams required for students entering Kindergarten.
•Dental exam required for students entering Kindergarten, second grade and sixth grade.
Mobile dentists will be at school on Sept. 27 to offer exams. Additional information will be given at registration.
Sefton HCE Mothers Day Salad Luncheon...
…will be this Thursday, May 19, at 11 a.m. at the Golden Years Club building. Take a salad, your dues and a friend.
An Invitation To All Fayette County Seniors
Come visit the Town & Country Golden Years potluck dinner meetings at noon on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the every month.
There are two convenient doorways, and one is a handicapped entrance on south side of the building. A relaxed, friendly, atmosphere, with homespun entertainment such as humorous, and sometimes touching, readings, clean jokes, riddles and sometimes, just room-wide, informal, conversation and reminiscing. Preacher Jim’s blessing of the meals, Donnie and Flo’s funny readings and Berniece’s thought-stumping riddles brighten your day.
Birthdays and anniversaries are recognized monthly by president Charlie. Also often present is a Fayette County Health Department nurse to take free blood pressure readings and give flu shot clinics, and other guests who bring information helpful to seniors.
The building is located on the corner on First and Division streets in Brownstown, just a block south of the business district.
The Golden Years Club Men Give the Quilting Ladies a Helping Hand
On Tuesday, May 10, there were 15 members present for the noon potluck dinner and get-together meeting at the Golden Years meeting in Brownstown.
Club President Charlie Reece gave the welcome. Jim Dann pastor of the Liberty Christian Church asked the blessing for the potluck meal.
Following the meal, the kitchen cleanup crew completed KP duty. Preacher Jim, John Grames, Don Smail and Randy Myers helped the ladies put a new quilt on the quilting frame. It was reported that Preacher Jim really seemed to have had experience in the art, as he seemed to know what he was doing, he patted, straightened and smoothed the fabric into place, so the ladies could begin quilting. The ladies quilt for other people as a fundraiser for the Golden Years Club and would appreciate receiving more to quilt.
Following the quilt frame task, Reece opened the meeting and Treasurer Donnie Small gave the financial report. He also shared a thank you card from Bill and Barbara Voisin for the flowers and card sent to them by the club. Donnie Smail gave three readings.
Repairs for the kitchen cabinet were discussed.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 24. All Fayette County Senior Citizens are invited to bring a dish and enjoy the fellowship.
Golden Years Meeting-
April 26
Seventeen members were present for the Golden Years potluck meeting on Tuesday, April 26. Club president Charlie Reece gave the welcome and asked Jim Dann, pastor of the Liberty Christian Church to ask the blessing. Following the meal and kitchen cleanup, Reece opened the meeting.
Treasurer Donnie Smail gave the financial report and then commented on receiving the things in life for which you asked. He then read an original poem he had asked a club member to write in honor of Bill and Barbara Voisen, who have so generously supported the club over the years.
He then gave a Mother’s Day reading, which described a young girl’s rebellious decision, followed up by the action, of cutting her long hair against the wishes of her mother- This brought up memories of older relatives hair styles, including those of: Shirley Klitzing’s aunt who wore her hair in “puffs,” Loyce Decker remembered her grandmother’s very long hair; Ina Abendroth told other sister’s hair style of years ago, and Charlie Reece recalled the hair style of his grandmother. It was a pleasant time of sharing a meal and fellowship.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte welcomed the congregation of the United Methodist Church to Sunday morning worship playing, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee.” Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Pastor David Bigley shared the announcements, birthdays and anniversaries. After joys and concerns were voiced,
Bigley led the congregation in prayer. Liturgist Flo Allen led the singing Jeffrey Kelly and Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings. Bigley delivered the message.
Appreciation was expressed for anyone who provided items and helped with the UMW rummage sale Thursday and Friday.