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By The Staff

Morning Coffee by the Campfire
Early Sunday morning was just too nice to let it pass by us. Years ago, before we moved on the Homestead, we would go camping every year. One of the most treasured enjoyments was having our coffee early in the morning by the campfire.

Since we moved to the woods, camping out kind of went by the wayside. We don’t have to pack up, coming and going, we are right here to enjoy and take care of our critters and a park ranger doesn’t come around every evening to collect our campsite fees.
Since moving here, we have occasionally built a campfire in the early mornings and cooked breakfast (usually bacon or sausage, eggs, fried ‘taters and toast over the fire) and had hot coffee.
But we hadn’t done that for a long time.
Sunday morning just seemed to beckon to us to come outside and enjoy the beauty of nature and God’s creations. So a campfire was quickly built, a pot of coffee made, chairs drug up to the fire, and the Homesteaders sat out by the campfire, drank hot coffee and ate donuts (in lieu of a campfire breakfast).
Josie, the old puppy, and Callie, the kitty, joined them and Smokey, the (adorable) little burro, and his friends, the mini-horses,  Sugarfoot and Lady, and their little daughter, Sudy, could be seen from the campfire. The little wild birds were serenading us and one or two squirrels could be seen scampering about.
The morning was fresh, the sky beautiful, the dogwood tree was beginning to bloom and the redbuds were blooming, making colorful splashes in the timber among the beginning-to-bud-out trees.
We then trucked in and got ready to go to church too enjoy the Easter musical. It was also the weekend of our wedding anniversary. Perfect!
The Brownstown Fire Department…
…has some openings, and they looking for some new members. Our Brownstown firefighters and paramedics have touched many of our lives through their dedicated services to our community, and to surrounding communities.
Those interested may click on www.bfpd.org and find an application on the website to fill out, stop by the station when someone is there or contact a firefighter for more information.
Community Easter Egg Hunt…
…will be held Saturday, April 23, from 2-4 p.m., at the Brownstown Community Park. Kids ages 2-12 are welcome to attend.
Local Easter Sunday Services
• At Liberty Christian Church, combined with First Christian Church – Early sunrise service at 6:30 a.m., with breakfast to follow. Regular 9 a.m. Sunday school and 10 a.m. worship service.
• First Christian Church – Following breakfast at Liberty, members will gather back at the FCC for a special service that includes a few surprises. The annual Easter offering will also be received that day.
• United Methodist Church – Sunrise service at 6:30 a.m., with breakfast to follow and regular Easter morning services at 10:40 a.m.
Scholarship Offered by Retired Teachers
The Fayette County Retired Teachers are offering a scholarship to a college senior in 2011-12 who is preparing to be a teacher.
Applicants must have graduated from a Fayette County High School and be attending a college in Illinois. For an application or more information, call or write: Billyanna Dugan Forbis, 317 W. Randolph St. Vandalia, Ill. 62471; phone, 283-0642.                                        
Coming & Going
Catching Up with Lucille
Lucille enjoyed Sunday dinner with her family as they gathered at daughter Helen Klitzing’s house. Present were Shirley Klitzing, Maria Klitzing and children Kyle, Logan and Emma, and Peg Stuckemeyer. George Mette of Effingham arrived later in the afternoon. They played pinochle in the afternoon.
…And on to Bunco
Lucille went to Shirley Klitzing’s home Tuesday to play bunco with the club. Also present were Flo Allen, Sandra Braasch, Joyce Fisher, Marge Weiss, Bonnie Kramer and Edna Wright.
Three Counties Present at IAHCE & HEA Meeting
On Thursday, April 7, 20 representatives of the Home and Community Education organizations of Effingham, Fayette and Jasper counties met at the Effingham Public Library for a meeting to discuss and exchange ideas on the four-county (Fayette, Effingham, Clay and Jasper) HCE activities, lessons and programs.
Donna Richards, Jasper HEA president, extended the welcome to those present and introduced Rachelle Hollinshead, four-county director. All present were asked to introduce themselves and state their county and position on their board. Handout sheets were given on future lessons’ schedules.
The members were then divided into groups of four, with representatives of each county included, and together they completed a questionnaire, giving the individual counties’ programs, schedules, membership information, projects, media coverage, etc.
They also discussed and shared ideas on lessons, social activities and how they could serve/share in community service projects.
Following the small group discussions, they convened back into the large group and again voiced opinions and ideas about some suggestions offered by Hollingshead.
One suggestion involved forming an advisory board for all four counties. It was suggested that if formed, the board should consist of two members from each county, and also that it may be tried on a trial basis. No decision was made at the meeting and it was suggested to hold it until September for further discussion.
Hollingshead also suggested publishing one newsletter for all four counties, with each county contributing toward it. The general feeling seemed to be that each would rather keep their own newsletter. Hollingshead also asked at what level each county would wish to share with all four counties.
The table centerpieces of tiny flowers in little hats were given as doorprizes. Donna Richards thanked all for coming and the meeting adjourned. A group picture was taken, and punch and cookies offered to all.
Present were: Fayette County-Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Joyce Moore, Phyllis Pryor and Panzi Blackwell; Jasper County-Nancy Oaks, Marilyn Rubsam, Eufala Bigard, Amy L. Tan. Linda Keoster, Vera Eubank, Donna Richards and Connie Elliot; and Effingham-Linda White, Ruth Drees, Marilyn Schafer,  Karen Rahn, Ellie Maroon, Nancy Hoene and Carol Hartke,  
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship. Bradley Schwarms lighted the altar candles.
Carol Severns served as liturgist. Pastor Bigley greeted those present, shared the announcements, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, reviewed the prayer list and requests, and led in prayer.
Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarms presented the offerings. Bigley delivered the message and gave the benediction, closing the service.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s fellowship and worship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• April 21 at 7 p.m.-United Methodist Women will meet for their Easter program led by Billyanna Forbis.
• April 24-Easter sunrise service with breakfast to follow and 10 a.m. regular Easter morning services.
• April 25-World Malaria Day 2011 for “Imagine No Malaria.”
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Carol Oldham, Rita Miller and Joann Strobel. They were led in songs of praise by Susan Smith, Judy Pilger and Matthew Smith, accompanied by Robin Lovett, pianist; James Schaible, Chuck Enlow and Rick Cox, guitarists; and Mitchell Smith, drums.
Special music was contributed by Jazmine Cruz, followed by the message, delivered by John Robinson. Matthew Smith led the communion meditation and prayer.
Also serving:Sunday school nursery: Liz Oberlink; toddler worship-Barb Tackett and Ashton Smith; and Quest-4-Christ-Michael Watson and team.
• Easter Sunday services-Sunrise service at Liberty Christian Church at 6:30 a.m., followed by fellowship breakfast with Liberty; Resurrection Celebration worship. Gather back at FCC for a special service that includes a few surprises. Special musical guests- “Twice Adopted.” The annual Easter offering will also be taken that day.
• Annual memorial service-Sunday, April 17, 9:30 a.m., for members of the congregation who died in 2010.
• Ladies Fellowship meeting-Saturday, April 16, 9 a.m., at the church. Theme: “Time of Your Life/In His Time.”
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Brian Smith and welcomed by Jim Dann.
Katie Carson, Kathy Willms and Barb Morrison led in songs of praise, accompanied by Eddie Carson on drums; Kim Miller, pianist; and Tammy Carson on keyboard. Dave Morrison shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Buffy Chandler presented special music. Jim Dann delivered the message and led the Communion meditation and prayer.
Also serving: at the table: Jim Dann, Vernon Brazle; serving the congregation: Josh Robison, Brian Smith, Frank Stringfield, Richard Childress, Craig Daughtery, Aaron Miller; assistants: Chandler Durbin, John Schaub; ushers; Mark Schaub, Brian Smith; sound system: Tom Mayes ; Powerpoint; nursery: Chan and Kelli Newell; Communion prep: Elvera Robison; Communion rounds: Delmar Miller, Bob Buzzard; welcome center: Judy & Vernon Beazle; junior church: Katrina Wollerman, Kaylee Sefton; pre-K worship: Cindy White, Rylee Wollerman; and van driver: Vernon Brazle.
• Easter Services at Liberty-Sunrise service at 6:30 a.m.; breakfast follows. Regular 9 a.m. Sunday school and 10 a.m. worship service.