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By The Staff

Callie, the Kitty, Comforts Josie, the Doggie
We had noticed that Josie, the late Mandy’s little 10-year-old puppy, had not been acting up to par lately.

She has not been quite as perky, had a small cough at times and had not seemed as agile.
We had to remind ourselves that although she still looks and acts like a puppy, she is getting older. With the cough, the possibility of congestive heart failure had entered our mind. She had been eating as usual and all other bodily functions seemed normal, but her behavior was just more subdued.
Then, when Callie, the kitty (who is usually teasing Josie), seemed concerned about her, sitting and lying quietly close to her, and just appeared to be watching over her, we did get concerned.
We have always felt that since Josie’s mother died, that Callie seemed to take an “auntly” interest in Josie.
We took Josie to Dr. B’s clinic, where she was examined by Dr. Ostrum, who found that she does have a small heart murmur, but no congestion or other serious problems. While waiting for Dr. Ostrum, we met a few other patients.
We met “Drake,” the friendly rat terrier; “Bimbo,” a cute little five-year-old Papillion, a real charmer with bright little eyes that missed nothing, a cute face, a yippy bark and a beautiful, long, silky coat that Lassie, the movie dog, would envy; a beautiful, intelligent-looking border collie; a 10-week-old standard poodle puppy, who already looked dignified; and two cats, who preferred to stay in their cages and aloof from the friendly dogs.
Josie had her nails trimmed while waiting for her exam, and on leaving the clinic, she seemed much perkier.
We had decided a while back that we would not get any more in-the-house dogs when Josie was gone...partly due to our age and the chance the little dog would outlive us, but mostly due to the attachment and love we have for them that is so heart-wrenching when we lose them. Josie’s report, however, was encouraging and we feel she is going to be around for quite a while.
Anyway, it is difficult to imagine our home without the pitter-patter of (four) tiny little feet. I guess I’ll always want a little doggie to love.
The Brownstown Sports Boosters’ winter cook-out at Brownstown High School has been rescheduled for this Friday at 5 p.m., due to the weather. It is before and during the high school boys basketball game against St. Elmo.
Meals include sandwich, chips, homemade desserts and drinks.
The cost is: ribeye-meal, $6 and sandwich only, $4; pork burger-meal, $5 and sandwich only, $3; hot dog-meal, $2 and sandwich only, $1.
•The next sports boosters meeting will be held March 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the elementary school cafeteria. Preparations for the upcoming spring season of boys high school baseball will be discussed.
•Anyone who would like to help clean the concession stand for spring baseball season is welcome. They will be meeting in the concession stand on Saturday, March 19, at 9 a.m. to clean. Take your own cleaning rags.
Sefton HCE February Meeting...
...is Thursday, Feb. 10, at Golden Years building. It is a Valentine party at noon with a potluck. Take a valentine!
Also take unwrapped baby gifts for Lighthouse Pregnancy
Center baby shower and items for the food pantry. Lessons will be: “Make a Family Tree,” by Phyllis Pryor; “Planning for What If,” by Elizabeth Kasten; “The Incredible Lemon” by Flo Alien; and “Women’s Heart Health,” by Panzi Blackwell.
FCC Youth Host Valentine Banquet
The youth of First Christian Church will host a Valentine Banquet on Sunday, Feb. 20, at 5 p.m. Everyone is invited to be guests of the youth. It will include a meal and program.
Liberty Christian Youth Host Valentine Banquet
The youth of Liberty Christian Church will host a Valentine Banquet on Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. It will be a night of Italian food and other stuff.
Coming & Going
Ken, Wanda and Debbie Attend 100th Birthday Party
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie McDonald went to Dix on Friday to help Wanda’s mother, Ethel Pittman, observe her 100th birthday. Two birthday cakes were brought, one for Friday and one for Saturday.
Wanda’s brother, Byford Bruce of Mesa, Ariz., had arrived on Thursday. Sister Wilma Greene and her daughter and son-in-law, Barbara and Michael Montgomery of Godfrey, brother, Phillip and Jaunita Bruce of Dix, were all present for the occasion, as were several other relatives and friends who started dropping by that morning.
The kitchen table was full of bouquets and plants from Ethel’s church. She had received more than 100 birthday cards from family and friends (some from Brownstown). More cards came on Saturday and most of her grandchildren, some of her great-grandchildren, and more friends and relatives who hadn’t come Friday, also came that day.
No decision has been made yet as to a permanent place to put one of her birthday gifts, the 5-foot wide, framed genealogy chart showing 69 family members, including her 48 descendants and their pictures. It is temporarily resting on the loveseat and against her living room wall.
A lot of visiting was done and many pictures taken to record the two day event. In addition to many other accomplishments, Ethel had made many quilts over the years. Each of children, grandchildren, and some of her great-grandchildren have received at least one quilt that she made.
Ethel is planning to spend the next few days going over her birthday cards and resting up from her celebration.
Golden Years Club Meets
Eighteen members of the Golden Years Town & Country Club met Tuesday, Jan. 25, for their noon potluck meeting. It was a welcomed get-together, the first one this year, due to the holidays and inclement weather interference.
Club President Charles Reece welcomed those present and recognized the January birthdays of Earl Abendroth, Ina Abendroth, Marilyn Yakel, Elanor Kelly, Carolyn Grames, Marge Weiss, Don Smail, Dean Kestner and Charles Reece. No anniversaries were reported.
Jim Dann, pastor of Liberty Christian Church, asked the blessing for the meal. Reece gave the club’s financial report in Treasurer Don Smail’s absence. Club dues and updated information sheets were accepted. A reminder was given to take completed information sheets to next meeting.
Reece announced that when school closings are announced, the Golden Years meeting will also be canceled.
Flo Allen gave a reading, “Not To Catch A Deer.”
The next Golden Years club meeting will be held Tuesday,
Feb. 8, with a noon potluck. All seniors are welcome to attend.
First Christian Church
The Sunday morning worship hour of First Christian Church opened with songs of praise, led by Joanne Strobel, Steve Storm and Michael Watson, accompanied by pianist  Robin Lovett, Mitchel Smith Smith-drummer and James Schaible and Walt Kinney, guitarists.
Special music was contributed by Robin Lovett, followed by the message entitled, delivered by John Robinson. Matthew Smith led the Communion meditation and prayer. Duane Willms led the gifts and offerings devotion.
Also serving: Tena Gould-Sunday school and a.m. nursery; Abby Enlow and Ashton Smith-toddler worship; Quest-4-Christ Team and Michael Watson-Quest-4-Christ; Steve Storm; and Mitch Koehler-Communion to shut-ins.
Brownstown UMW Hold January Meeting
The Brownstown UMW held its first meeting of 2011 on Jan. 22 at 2 p.m. The regularly scheduled meeting of Jan. 17 was canceled due to the inclement weather.
Carol Severns called the meeting to order and gave the mission report. Business was discussed and cards for the sick and shut-in friends were signed by everyone. Carol Henna gave the program lesson, “Prayer and Self-denial.” The focus of the lesson was on II Corinthians 8.
A special offering was taken for the retired missionaries and deaconesses. Some live in a retirement home in Ashville, N.C. Donations help support many community projects still carried on by the retired women. The lesson closed with a prayer of thanks for these hard-working, dedicated women and for those who are following in their footsteps.
Nora Hanley, a retired Deaconess of the UMC, has local connections. She is the aunt of Don Small.
Members attending and helping with refreshments were: Carol Severns, Marilyn Yakel, Flo Allen, Betty Williams, Connie Green, Billy Anna Forbis, Pam Orr and Carol Henna.
The next UMW meeting will be held at the church on Feb. 17 at 2 p.m.