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By The Staff

News is still a little sparse, due to the snow and very cold weather, hazardous   road conditions and cancellations of activities.
However, some warmer weather is predicted and spring is just around the corner.
Roses to …
… Miss Sandra Stine, elementary PE teacher, as she once again leads the students in the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart program for the 26th year.
… and to the students over 26 years for their efforts for this very worthy program. The impressive funds raised by BES could not be accomplished without their commitment.  
… and to their families and the community, for the support given to the kids who Jump Rope for Heart.
Critter Corner
From the ‘Cozy’ Chicken Roost
We were relieved to see that the girls’ (Blackie & Rhonda hens) new chicken roost split-level home kept them comfortably warm and sheltered through all the snow and cold weather.
Their drinking water would keep freezing over, but they seemed to enjoy the sunshine through the heavy plastic windbreak.
They look cute coming out of their roost rest-room and down their enter-exit ramp in the mornings.
They have a red Christmas ribbon on their home now, which will be regarded as a Valentine’s Day ribbon next month, and replaced with a green ribbon for St. Patrick’s Day. (We think Rhonda, the red hen, is of Irish descent.) It shouldn’t be too long before they will be bugging in the spring sunshine and laying nice, big brown eggs again.
Katie, the lab/blue heeler …
…who we brought in for the really cold weather, seemed very glad to go back outside … to stay. (Bill would take her out for the “necessary trips” and then bring her back indoors.)
When he took her back to her pen, she romped and played in the snow, so maybe her dense coat would have kept her warm if we left her outside, (but I wouldn’t have slept at nights).
Betsy LongHorn & the Bovine Family
The Longhorns didn’t seem to mind the snow, but we noticed they slept close to their hay stack at nighttime, probably for a windbreak. They are so curious and interested in the activities. When a siren of some sort goes down the highway, they all stop and watch … like we do.  
January Food Pantry Items
One can of chicken or one can of chicken and dumplings, one box of stuffing mix. Anything would be appreciated.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Marge Weiss, Zandra Sidwell, Earl O’Kuly, Charles Reece, Jarin Evans, Rita Grull, Marge Harre, Koelter Fulk, Glenn Gurtner, Argyle Orr, Connie Green and Geraldine Goldsboro.
Anniversaries: David and Gerry Goldsboro.
First Christian Church Hosts Speaker
Tamela Polanin, the new director of the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center, spoke at First Christian Church during the Sunday school hour.
Jump Rope for Heart  2014-26 years for Brownstown Elementary
A Letter from Miss Stine
While Santa’s Secret Shopping event set up in the gym on Dec. 13, I took the opportunity to speak with the 3rd-6th grade classes about our 2014 JR4H event, scheduled for January 21-24 … and they seem fired up!
The information was shared with the first- and second-graders today, and hopefully the attached information will clear up any questions you may have about the event.
For those of you who are new to the JR4H program, our goal is to work with your children to improve their cardiovascular health and coordination.
While attempting to instill lifelong heart healthy habits, we will be raising funds for the heart association’s research and education initiatives that saves lives in our community.
What an amazing feeling to know we can make a difference allowing scientists and doctors improve their techniques for surgeries/procedures and in their research for medications.
For the experienced JR4H families, there is something new about the collection envelope this year.
The front flap contains a coupon that your child brings in when they have collected $5; do not bring in the coupon, just the verification coupon. Keep all the money and turn it in by Feb. 3.
When your child brings in the signed verification coupon, I will have a lanyard and a camo duck for them. (This is the part that gets all the kids fired up … ducks are apparently pretty cool!!)
Although my students never have to collect money for the American Heart Association, we will all jump. For those students who are collecting funds, the collection envelope lists prizes they can win, but I do want to re-emphasize some tidbits about the ducks:
• $5 coupon verification-camo “Quacky” duck and lanyard (I have 56 at school !!)
 • ANY online donation (print off a verification and bring in) –“Ninja” duck.
• $75 online donation (print off a verification and bring in) –“Mr. Cool Duck.”
• Raise $35 –“Stripes” duck received after the event.
• Raise $100 – “Glow” duck received after the event.
• Raise  $200 – Quacktastic” Duck and a trophy after the event.
If your family is interested in using the online feature, visit heart.org/jump and click on the button “Students Sign Up.”
I do have an additional handout for families who are interested in using this feature.
In the excitement of  the ducks, your children may have also mentioned that this is the our last Jump Rope for Health event at Brownstown Elementary.
In 25 years of fundraising for the American Heart Association, our students have raised more than $46,384.55! Pretty amazing what our students, their families and our community have accomplished.
My goal for the students this year is $1,800.
The top fundraiser will be allowed to give me an ‘American Heart Association 35th Anniversary Jump Rope For Heart Whipped Cream Pie’ to my face. (How is that for an incentive!) Anyone who collects at least $5 will have their name put into a drawing for additional prizes, such as: two students to decorate the anniversary pie (worn by Miss Stine) with Silly String; two staff autographed JR4H t-shirts; and four opportunities to chose PE game.
All money is due Feb. 3. If anyone writes a check, the check should be made payable to: American Heart Association.
We will have our  “In Memory”/”In Honor” Wall again this year. If you have someone in your life who has/had heart disease, heart attack or  stroke, write the name down and send it with your child.
I do have names that were submitted last year.
If you have any questions, send a note with your child, call the school and leave a message or contact me (Miss Stine) via email at sstine@bcusd201.com.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church of Brownstown was greeted by Terry and Susan Smith, and led in songs of praise by Cathy Smith, Brent Keyes and Karen Underwood. Instrumentalists were: Susan Smith-piano; Mitchell Smith-drums; Kevin Bonifacious, Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney-guitars.
Brent Keyes led the Communion meditation. Kevin Bonifacious contributed special music and followed with the delivery of the morning message.
Also serving: Laura Willms-Sunday school nursery; Ron and Tena Gould-toddler worship; Zach Ray and helpers-Quest $ Christ; and Bill Smith and Don Lovett-shut-ins.
• ”The Person & Gift of the Holy Spirit” study will be starting Jan. 12. More info coming soon,
• Sanctity of Human Life Sunday will be Sunday.
• Ladies Fellowship meeting and breakfast at Ponderosa will be Saturday, Jan. 25, at 9 a.m. The cost will be $7.49 (includes drink). Women’s Ministry Board meeting will follow the breakfast and meeting.
• Diaper and wipe drive for Trevor and Megan Willms. Put items by welcome table in the overflow.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship services. Jeff Kelly and Junior Williams served as ushers. Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted and shared the announcements, birthdays and anniversaries and prayer requests, and led in prayer.
Following the song service and presentation of tithes and offerings, Thomas delivered the message.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s worship and Flo Allen led the adult class.
Note: Brownstown/Emmanuel Church now has a web site-www.brownstownmethodistchurches.com.