Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

Critters Adjusting to Move
The big move north (fourth of a mile to north end of lane) is almost completed and, hopefully, the Homestead inhabitants will get back to normal soon.
The animals, namely Josie, the 13-year-old puppy, seems to be adjusting nicely. She naps on her little doggie bed (near the kitchen door, so she can see what or who is coming and going), has her bowl of water and feed nearby, and also is set up again with her stool at the end of the couch so she can rest on her “Tinkerbell” blanket. She seems quite content, as long as we are with her.
Katie, Bill’s dog, has not come down to stay yet, but as soon as we get her quarters set up, she will. She is pretty easy to get along with, good-natured and not nearly as demanding as Josie.
Josie has a built-in clock to tell when it is feeding time, and she yips at us until she gets fed. She yips when she thinks I have typed long enough and also in the early morning hours when she needs to go outside; that’s OK though – good doggie!
Callie, the kitty, will probably adjust nicely. After her terrible stay in the woods that first winter when she came here, she appreciates any shelter that has a climate-controlled environment and us.
In answer to concerned inquiries, all of the Homestead critters will be here with us in the near future, as soon as we can get everyone’s shelters, quarters, pens, beds, chicken roosts, etc., fixed up for their residency.
The henhouse girls, Rhonda and Blackie, will probably like it better here, because the woods varmints will not so easily sneak up on them from the edge of the trees. Here, they will have to cross the “prairie” in plain sight.
So our “Little Homestead House on the Prairie” will be OK, in spite of my earlier doubts, rebellion and resistance to the move.
Too Many Farewells, To Soon,  to Loved Ones
Unbelievable, but we have lost three of Bill’s Snow cousins in the last week. Cousin Ronnie Snow, who has been ill for some time, left us Wednesday, Aug. 21. Ronnie was a Marine and a Vietnam veteran.
He always seemed like an unassuming, really nice guy who we didn’t get to see often enough, usually at the Snow family reunions. He grew up in rural Mulberry Grove/Greenville area and north of Woburn. He lived in Tennessee in recent years.
He and his late wife, Amanda, visited us at the Homestead in 2007, and we enjoyed their company so much and looked forward to more closeness in the future.
Regretfully, Amanda died suddenly and Ronnie’s health continued to decline. When we learned that he was hospitalized in Highland last week, seriously ill, we visited him twice.
The first time, he was very weak and could hardly talk, but knew Bill and responded by nodding his head with an occasional smile. As we left his room, we heard stories about Ronnie.
Phillip, a Navy Seabee, was brought home through the Red Cross from Afghanistan, where he was serving for the third time.
Ronnie’s family also included: sons-Phillip (Mendi) Snow; Steven (Tanya) Snow; daughters-Jennie Snow, Sandra (Joey) Self; Murl Snow-father, Sandra Kay Fought-sister and eight grandchildren.
As we heard others share their stories and memories, and as Bill recalled their times together, we realized what a very special, good, honorable and courageous person he was, both in private life and in his service for his country as a Marine. He was an unsung hero, as he had left protective cover to knock a fellow marine out of the line of fire of a sniper in Vietnam.
His funeral service was held at Donnell-Wiegand Funeral Home in Greenville, with a nephew, Todd Camp, officiating, and impressive military honors by the Mulberry Grove American Legion Post 1180.
It was an especially poignant, precious moment when his son, Phillip, in his Navy uniform, followed the American Legion veterans in saluting his beloved father, and standing alone, saluted his dad in a silent, final farewell.
Ronnie left his footprints in the lives of all who knew and loved him. He is already missed and remembered with much respect, love and affection.
More Cousins Farewells
Word was also received of the death of Snow cousin Todd Bandy, 35, son of David and Phyllis Bandy of Mulberry Grove. Arrangements are incomplete at this time.
Cousin Roger and Barbra Snow’s grandson, Nathan Horath, of St. Peter, was fatally wounded in an automobile/bicycle accident. His funeral service was held Tuesday at the Pagel Funeral Home in St. Peter.
Coming Events & More
Fayette County HCE Will Host Free Disaster Preparedness Program …
… open to the public on Thursday at the Fayette County Health Department, at 7 p.m. The public is invited. Refreshments will follow.
Kendra Craig of the Fayette County Health Department will present the program. Sponsored and held by Fayette County Home and Community Education.
Nadine is coming soon!
September 7 at the American Legion Home in Vandalia. Call the Brownstown Branch Library to get your tickets now.
Wolf Creek Cluster Picnic …
… will be held at the Brownstown Park on Saturday, September 7. In case of bad weather, it will be at the  Brownstown United Methodist Church.
Meat  & drinks provided. Pease bring a dish or two to share. Bring your lawn chairs.
Food Pantry Items for August
1 box of breakfast cereal, 1 large can of 100-percent fruit juice, 1 box of oatmeal. Anything would be appreciated.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Lakin Evans, Randy Carpenter, Carol Ann Behrends, Tony Elam, Joseph Younker, Marilyn Eckhardt, Dale Henna, Jordan Evans and Sharon Harris. Anniversary-Gary and Judy Watson.
Notice to Fayette County HCE members
The unit members will be furnishing the desserts for the Extension Foundation Benefit on Sept. 7. The dessert items ( cookies, cakes, pies) should preferably be taken to the Extension office in Vandalia on Friday. Neither whipped topping nor cream pies can be accepted because of need for refrigeration.
You may bring in your own pan and pick up your pan later, as the containers/pans will not leave the office.
Fayette County HCE Board Meets
The Fayette County Home and Community Education Board met Monday, Aug. 26, at the Extension Office in Vandalia. The meeting included discussions and decisions regarding: the upcoming IAHCE (Illinois Association Home & Community Education ) Week, which will be second week of October; funding for one water filter for a third world family; and providing desserts for the Extension Foundation fundraiser on Sept. 7.
United Methodist Church Members hold Work Day
It was team work for the United Methodist Church members on Saturday, Aug. 24, as they gathered at the parsonage for cleanup duty. Jim Harre and Junior Williams were especially appreciated as old shrubs were removed, and for Mannie Orr and Warren Williams, for their expertise running of the equipment. Lunch was served to all by Betty Williams, Flo Allen, Connie Green, and Pam Orr. Those working were Jeff and Jeffrey Kelly, Jenna Townsend, Don Thomas, Jim Green, Warren Williams, and Mannie and Pam Orr.
United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Jeffrey and Jeff Kelly served as ushers. Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Pastor Don Thomas welcomed all and shared the announcements, and recognized the August birthdays and anniversaries. The morning message was delivered by Thomas.
The children’s worship was led by Jenna and Zack Townsend. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• There will be no Bible study until after Labor Day. It will resume on Sept. 4.
• Sept. 10 at 7 p.m.-Pastor-parish committee will meet at Brownstown.
• Sept. 17-UMW Embarras District annual meeting at Paris 1st UMC, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Reservations by Sept. 10. Speaker Kim Whitaker on mission trip to Honduras. Requested items to take are: for Cunningham Children’s Home: Men’s T-shirts (M-XXL), gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, Wendy’s, Arbys,  BurgerKing, Taco Bell, etc, Box Tops for Education; for Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House: cleaning supplies of all types-mops, buckets, brooms, all-purpose cleaners, plastic gloves.
• Sept. 19-6 p.m.-UMW Salad Supper, Special speaker-Shirley Harder. Installation of 2014 UMW officers.
• Sept. 29-5 p.m.-potluck supper and singing with “Guitars for God.” All will be at the Emmanuel Church.