Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

Josie Attempts to be a Stowaway
For the past two weeks or more, when we are “home,” we have been down the lane working at the new-to-us dream home, except when I am writing or trying to get caught up on the household duties here.
Josie, the little 13-year-old “puppy,” does not like this situation, as it must seem to her that we are gone most of the time.
I am too busy these days to sit by her or give her much personal, hands-on attention.
When I am writing, sometimes she will get up on the arm of the couch to be close to me.
Sometimes, she will put her paws on my leg and bark, wanting me to sit by her.
I usually take a tote or box of something when I go to the  other home, and Josie has evidently taken note of this.
When I sat a tote on the couch today, ready to carry out, she got upon it and lay down.
She looked at me and wagged the end her tail and, needless to say, I was touched.
We don’t have the other place doggie-safe for her yet.
She doesn’t see very well and if she would wander under the fence into the long horns, she might get hurt.
Route 40 is in the other direction, so we can’t work, run in and out, and watch her closely enough.
She will soon have her own easy chair in my work room, close to my computer, so she should like the new home just fine.
Truckin’ On …
The Saga Continues-#4
As we move on toward the north end of the lane, the necessary preparations are being made, with the priceless and invaluable help of son-in-law Don Jenkins, who has driven back and forth from Decatur every day the past week.
We’ve had some ups and downs, but every obstacle overcome has brought us that much closer to completion and given a feeling of accomplishment.
Don and Bill dug the ditches for the water lines and the power lines to the home, among all the other “must-be-done” jobs.
When some dirt fell back into the very narrow and deep chasm of one of the ditches, it seemed impossible to get it out.
Don came back the next morning with a solution. He bent and attached an old (probably antique), 3-pound Maxwell House Coffee tin can to another tool with a long handle, thereby creating a slip, which worked perfectly to scoop the dirt and bring it out.
There was a minor setback with the wiring, but professional electrician Greg Tomlinson saved the day with advice and more. Greg was another example of good people among us.
Notice to Sefton and Other HCE Units Members
The Sefton Unit HCE August meeting will be held Thursday at the Golden Years Building at 1 p.m., with guest speaker Phyllis Sarver to give a presentation of the early 4-H clubs. All units are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Lakin Evans, Randy Carpenter, Carol Ann Behrends, Tony Elam, Joseph Younker, Marilyn Eckhardt, Dale Henna, Jordan Evans, Sharon Harris and Earl Crothers. Anniversary-Gary and Judy Watson.
Food Pantry Items for August
1 box of breakfast cereal, 1 large can of 100-percent fruit juice and 1 box of oatmeal. Anything would be appreciated.
Coming & Going
Catching Up with Jennie Alice
 Jennie Alice Harner has been enjoying a summer of visitors and happenings.
Last week, her granddaughter and family, Katie, Josh, Hannah, Jorddan and Claire Mateer visited the Harner farm.
The previous weekend, Jorita and Gary Cook were here from Leroy, Mich. Jennie Alice also attended the Brownstown Alumni Reunion, accompanied by Jarielle Winkleman from Sherman and Shirley Aszman, Jennie Alice’s sister from Alton.
Earlier in the summer, Jennie Alice’s daughter-in-law and husband, Idalee and Dick Content, visited while returning to their Michigan home after a visit in New Orleans. Jennie Alice was particularly excited, as Idalee had recently received her doctorate degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Fullerton, California.
Jennie Alice and her sister, Shirley Aszman, both Illinois State University graduates, attended the school’s recent reunion in Bloomington.
Jarielle Winklemen accompanied the two sisters, and they also had lunch with their brother, Norman, in Morton and then visited with their sister-in-law, Hazel (Miller) Logue in Peoria. Jennie Alice also attended the St. Elmo Alumni Reunion, accompanied by JoAlice Dobbs of Stillwater, Okla.
Jennie Alice was elated to have two great-grandsons, Tanner Frisbie and Brewer Dakin, stop to see her on their way home to White Cloud, Mich., from a college visit to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla.
Tanner, son of Tony and Kelly Frisbie, will attend OSU in the fall. Brewer, son of Bob and Jana Dakin, will attend Michigan University in the fall.
The boys have been guests in the home of Steve and JoAlice Dobbs in Stillwater and were traveling with Dave and Jenetia Ruble of White Cloud, Mich.
The Harner Farm …
… was bursting earlier in the summer when Jennie Alice’s three granddaughters and several of their family members enjoyed a stay: Kelly Frisbie, Regan Zandstra, and Jana, Conner and Gabrielle Dakin. Ivalee and Theresa Harner of Effingham and Gary and Javonda Barnes of St. Louis also joined them.  
Returned from Mission Trip
Gary and Javonda visited Brownstown Friday evening and Saturday, July 26 and 27. They had returned home to St. Louis on Wednesday, July 23, from a mission trip to Thailand and Myanmar (formerly Burma). On their flight home, they had a stopover in Tokyo, Japan, and were able to visit two days with their son, J.K., who is stationed there with the Navy.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning service. Mannie Orr and Hubert Williams served as ushers.
Pastor Don Thomas gave the welcome, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Thomas delivered the message and gave Holy Communion, assisted by Marlys Thomas.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s worship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Aug. 15  at 2 p.m.-United Methodist Women will meet for a business meeting.
• Sept. 7 at 4 p.m.-Wolf Creek Cluster Picnic will be at Brownstown Park. In case of bad weather, it will be at the church. Meat and drinks will be provided; take a dish or two to share and take your lawn chairs.
First Baptist Church
Jerry Reed welcomed the congregation of First Baptist Church, and Dr. Olen Evans led the opening prayer. A report was given on the mission trip to Green Grass, S.D., by Ray Stafford, Dolores Stafford, Joyce Behrends, Deanna Kestner, Rodney Deal, Dan Carruthers and Debbie Carruthers.
Ann Robertson and the praise team – Nick Robertson, Rhonda Howard, Jerry Reed, Tammy Barker, Sara Portz, Earl Crothers and Pierce Strobel – led the congregation in worship in song.  Dr. Marvin Jones of Louisiana Bible College delivered the message.
• August Items are being collected for the Baptist Children’s Home school supplies. Place items in the basket in the foyer. There is a box in the library for non-perishable food items.
• Summer Bible study began Sunday at 6 p.m. and will continue through Thursday. It will be held Monday through Thursday, from 7-9 p.m., with Dr. Marvin Jones on the doctrine of salvation with emphasis on Campbellism.
*Baptist Women meet Aug. 12, from 6-8 p.m.