Brownstown-Sefton News

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By The Staff

Poor Smoky, (the Adorable) Little Donkey …
… is beginning to look bedraggled and rather woeful as it rained yet again on his yard. He likes to lie on his side in the sun, but now, even if the sun is shining, his “sunning place” is muddy.
He doesn’t like to get his pretty ears wet, let alone get mud on them! A suggestion was made to put Astroturf on his portion of the outdoors “play & romp” place, but it was quickly vetoed.  
The Underground Critters, Moles …
… seem to be getting pretty active and rebellious, as we are seeing evidence in the yard of their “uprisings.” The little ground squirrels are also being seen scurrying about, and we saw some raccoon tracks in the yard.
And, On a Higher Level …
… the little wren parents can be seen carrying food to their babies in the tarpaulin fold. I checked after the heavy, all-night rain and wind, and the nest appeared dry. I didn’t look any farther, because I didn’t want to get caught and get a scolding from mom and dad wren.
Still on an even higher level, the tall trees surrounding us are beautiful with their thick, green foliage, which shelters the birds so nicely. In the early dawn, the trees are alive with the many bird sounds. Nature holds and presents to us, the most beautiful sights and sounds to behold … and also fragrances, if you are blessed with honeysuckle growing close by.
Free Summer Lunches for Kids
are Back in Brownstown…
… and had a good “opening day” last Wednesday.  Fifteen sack lunches were given, one to each child. The sack lunch last week included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, container of pudding, Pop Tart,  granola bar, fruit drink and a family-sized box of cereal. The lunches are distributed from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church. No registration, and all school kids are eligible. The distribution of the sack lunches will continue through Aug. 7.
Sefton HCE meeting …
… is next Thursday. Remember, dues must paid by this meeting.
NADINE is Coming to Town
…NADINE, star of  RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner, is returning to bring another fantastically funny and musical show to benefit her favorite library and favorite group, the Friends of the Brownstown Branch Library. Accompanying her this year will be Joey and Rory, stars of Nashville Country Music and the Grand Ole Opry. The rumor is that Nadine, coming from RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner, is looking forward to visiting us all again.
She will be in the American Legion Home,  321 S. Seventh St. in Vandalia on Saturday, Sept. 7, with TWO shows, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. All seats are reserved. Tickets may be purchased at the Brownstown Library at 120 Main St., Brownstown; by calling 427-3853 or by fax, 427-3088.
Bibles for Butler
The annual Bible drive is on Sunday, June 23. The congregation of  First Christian Church is being provided the opportunity to donate toward the purchase of Bibles to go around the world. The Bibles cost about $125 a case, plus shipping. Usually, the Bibles sent are half-English and half-Spanish.
There will be a special collection on June 23 or you may give your donation to Charles or Faye Watson.
Local Celebrations
• Birthdays: Olivia Claycomb, Cathy Smith, Tristin Wall, Terry Smith, Kaci Satterthwaite, Mitchell Smith, Cameron Wall, Janet Keyes, Kenny Nickels, Braden Schwarm, Betty Williams and Joan Gelsinger.
• Anniversaries: Bill and Cathy Smith, and Andrew and Rita Grull.  
Coming & Going
Catching Up with the Puleos  & Debbie
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie McDonald went to Findlay to watch niece Grace Bunfill Tuesday play in a softball game between Okaw Valley and Sullivan girls teams. The report was that it was a good game, with Grace’s team defeating Sullivan.
Sunday was a busy day, as the Puleos and Debbie went to Dix for the annual Hawkins Reunion and dinner at the community center. Wanda’s mother was unable to attend, but her 98-year-old sister, Orpha Bruce of Centralia, was there with some of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lots of food and good visiting were enjoyed by the family.
Several members of the family went to Salem afterwards to help cousins Norman and Mary Lois Hawkins celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church.
Following the stop at the golden wedding observance, the Puleos and Debbie went on to Odin to visit with Wanda’s mother at Odin Care Center. She was in good spirits in spite of having a severe case of shingles.
United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship. Betty and Hubert Williams served as ushers. Pastor Don Thomas greeted the congregation and shared the announcements, birthdays and anniversaries and prayer list, took requests and led in prayer.
Thomas delivered the message and closed with prayer.
Children’s worship was led by Jenna and Zack Townsend. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• June 24 at 1:30 p.m.-UMW will take cookies and go to Evergreen Outreach in Vandalia.
• Note: UMW’s Kaye Kimpling is planning a mission trip to Nicaragua in January 2014. She is asking the UMW and churches for help in getting Cheerios “Spanish Children’s Books” to take with her. They can be found in Cheerios’ boxes.  (She just needs the books; you can eat the Cheerios.)
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Larry and Judy Pilger, and welcomed by Kevin Bonifacius, who also shared the announcements and prayer concerns.
Lovett led the opening prayer.
Jack Shelton, Joann Strobel and Don Lovett led in songs of praise, accompanied by pianist Susan Smith, guitarists Rick Cox and Walt Kinney, and drummer Mitchell Smith.
Morgan Pryor led the communion meditation and prayer. Lovett led the gifts and offerings prayer. Special music was contributed by the Men’s Quartet- Lovett, Bonifacius, Matthew Smith and Shelton, accompanied by pianist Robin Lovett.
The message was delivered by Bonifacius, who also led the closing prayer.
Also serving: Liz Oberlink-Sunday school nursery; Deb Hunter-a.m. nursery; Billie Enlow and Abby Enlow-toddler worship; Larry and Judy Pilger-Quest-4-Jesus; Bill Smith and Don Lovett-shut-ins; Communion prep-Don and Ellen Willms; Vicki Hipsher-librarian; Morgan Pryor-usher; Ashton Smith-PowerPoint; and Matthew Smith-sound tech.
• Items to get rid of. The congregation will be consulted on Sunday regarding any church member interested in the old pews, kitchen China and old metal chairs. Items will be displayed in the church garage on Saturday, and need to be gone by Sunday evening. Delivery will be available.
• Father/Children Breakfast will be Sunday in the church basement, beginning at 8 a.m. The theme for breakfast is “Dad, My Hero.” Sons and daughters are invited.
• Ladies Fellowship meeting will be on Saturday, June 22, at 9 a.m., at the church. Theme: Friendship. Discover how friends hold us up and stick with us.  
• Saturday, June 22-Cleanup Daze 3, 8 a.m.-noon, outdoors. Ladders will be needed.