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By The Staff

Update on Katie
We have had some inquiries about Katie, Bill’s black lab/blue heeler puppy. Katie is about a year old now. She is still energetic, barks at the woods critters and at Callie, the kitty, when Callie goes out on the back deck.
However, Katie soon quiets down and Callie stretches out on the deck in the sun (that is, when the sun is shining).
Katie is intelligent, but still a little independent. Her hearing is unbelievable. She can be on the other side of her fence, barking at whatever, and if we pull the curtain back a ways on the patio door, she quickly turns around and comes to her gate.  
I had left the upright sweeper sitting out one evening, as I was not finished with it. She kept barking and growling, and we didn’t know what was wrong with her.  
Finally, Bill discovered she was barking at the sweeper. We were wondering if she saw a mouse or some such critter, so we were relieved when it was just the sweeper.
She doesn’t ever bark at Josie, the 13 year-old “puppy.” Josie will sometimes go toward Katie (but not too close) and bark loudly at her, but Katie just calmly looks at Josie. It would probably help Josie’s self-esteem if Katie would act like she was just a little afraid.
We have read that having pets can help you to live longer lives. Sometimes it gets pretty hectic around here with all the critters, but we do have a lot of laughs at their antics and each one has its own loveable personality.
Hey, Kids – Summer Lunches are Back!
Free Summer Lunches for Kids returns to Brownstown this Wednesday, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., at the United Methodist Church. No registration, all school kids eligible.  The distribution of the sack lunches will continue through Aug. 7.
Brownstown Cleanup Day is Friday
All residents and property owners are encouraged to clean up their environment. DBS Disposal will pick up all unwanted items.
Residents are to place them in the same place where they place their weekly garbage. Any items are not to be placed out for pickup before Thursday. Items that will not be picked up are: electronic items such as computer items, printers, microwaves, clocks, TVs, speakers, AD power supplies, tires, batteries, shingles, siding, vehicles, building materials, leaves, sticks, shrubs, trees, grass or garden clippings. For any questions regarding cleanup day, contact the village hall, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 427-3345.
All electronic items should be taken to the Fayette County Water & Soil Conservation District Office at 301 S. Third St. in Vandalia every Wednesday, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. for recycling.
• Golden Years Club meets next Tuesday for its noon potluck and meeting.
• Sefton HCE meeting is next Thursday. Dues must paid by this meeting.
NADINE is Coming to Town …
… to bring a fantastically funny and musical show to benefit her favorite library, the  Friends of the Brownstown Branch Library. Accompanying her this year will be Joey and Rory, stars of  Nashville Country Music and the Grand Ole Opry.
The rumor is that Nadine, coming from RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner, is looking forward to visiting us all again.
She will be at the American Legion Home, 321 S. Seventh St. in Vandalia, on Saturday, Sept.7, with two shows, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. All seats reserved. Tickets may be purchased at the Brownstown Library, 120 Main St. in Brownstown; by phone, 427-3853; or by fax, 427-3088.
This ‘N’ That from the Homestead
Memorial Day weather was so nice this year, we took a ride to the quaint Liberty Baptist Church near Mulberry Grove, where Bill went to Sunday school when he was a kid. It is also the location of the cemetery where many of his family members are interred, and we took a bouquet to the graves of his grandma and grandpa, Avilla and Leonard Snow.
The church and the surrounding grounds with large trees and blooming flowers are so picturesque and still much the same as Bill remembered. He also remembers that it was not air-conditioned, and the preacher, who began with a suit jacket and necktie on, would soon be shedding his coat and tie, as he preached.
Sitting on the porch of the church, attending the cemetery gate, were Larry Goodin and Doris Knebel, both of whom Bill remembered. Bill enjoyed talking with them about the earlier days of the church and activities there. They recalled the church picnics held in the church yard and the games played by the children, including ball games.
We also visited Griffith Cemetery, which looked very pretty, and neatly mowed and trimmed. The new flag, donated by the Woodsman of the World, was flying in all its glory, thanks to about six men who took the old one down and raised the new colors.
Some may have noticed also that the shrubs and tree have been removed from the Griffith Cemetery sign on U.S. Route 40. The plan is to plant new shrubs that will have a lower profile, look better and allow a better view of the road.
Roses & Hats Off …
… to those who take care of our cemeteries. We don’t often remember to tell those who take care of our cemeteries what a good job they do. All of the cemeteries we have noticed in our area are well kept and pretty. That takes a lot of dedication, time and hard work.  You are appreciated!
Coming & Going
Lucille’s Birthday Luncheon
Shirley Klitzing and Flo Allen treated Lucille Fisher to a belated birthday lunch on Thursday, May 30.  Lucille’s daughter, Helen Klitzing, also accompanied them. The ladies lunched at the Open Door Restaurant in Altamont. The restaurant is decorated with vintage aprons serving as curtains and is the home of the homemade large, delicious cinnamon rolls made from scratch.
Attend Kadin Taylor’s 1st Birthday Party
Bill and Panzi Blackwell joined the other grandmas and grandpas, other family members and friends in celebrating Kadin Taylor’s first birthday party, held in Vandalia City Park. Kadin seemed to enjoy his party, as he played with kids, charmed all with his big smile, and attacked his birthday cake with enthusiasm and opened his gifts. Kadin’s parents, Jeff Taylor and Alexis Blackwell, hosted the event.
Taylor Entertains at Golden Years Meeting
Twenty Golden Years members and friends were present for the potluck meeting on Tuesday, May 28.
The club president, Pastor Don Thomas welcomed all present and introduced the guests, friends Mary and Jim Glick. Thomas asked the blessing, and invited guests and those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to be served first.  
Following the meal and kitchen cleanup, Thomas introduced the speaker, Glenna Taylor.
Taylor presented a program featuring scarves of all descriptions, and shapes, including crocheted, knitted and silk. She demonstrated many ways to wear the scarves, often using one of the club members as a model.
She showed the group how to fold and arrange the scarves to make attractive accessories to their clothing.
Taylor is also a social worker, specializing especially in dealing with depression in older adults.
Thomas called the meeting to order, and Treasurer Donald Smail gave the financial report.
The village-wide yard sale and Methodist Church rummage sale were discussed.
A discussion was held on the club’s fundraiser, the Golden Years’ ice cream social, with ice cream, pie. desserts and sandwiches served.  
Morgan Pryor made a motion for the meeting to adjourn and Lola Gehle seconded the motion. The next Golden Years Potluck meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25, at noon at the Golden Years Building, at First and Division streets in Brownstown. All people age 55 and over are welcome.     
United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude. Zach and Jenna Townsend served refreshments and led the Children’s Sunday school. Flo Allen led the adult class.