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By The Staff

Belated Mother’s Day Recognition
Sneaking a peek at our neighbor’s longhorn pasture, we caught an endearing picture of a mother longhorn cow and her baby. This is a rather rare close-up, as these cows don’t know us that well and they usually get between us and the baby, which this mother did a few seconds later.
In the background, you can see the daddy longhorn keeping an eye on us, and he joined the mother in shielding their baby a few minutes later.
The baby calves are born with the instinct to protect themselves by using their head and horns before they are hardly standing on their feet. However, anytime we have come in contact with (thus far) have not shown aggression, but we respect them and give them space.
Some time ago, one of our mothers had just given birth and then, after caring for her newborn, had gone to the water tank. Bill walked over to the newborn, and the little guy tried to stand up and butt him on the leg.
They will protect their own. Other longhorns near by soon ambled over, apparently just grazing, but they effectively shielded the baby from any further photo shoots.
Brownstown V.F.W. Post 9770 Presents:
The Memorial Day Program on Monday, at 11 a.m., in the Brownstown Park at the Veteran’s Memorial.
State Rep. John Cavaletto will be the guest speaker. Jeffery Kelly will read his winning essay for “Patriot’s Pen,” and Shelby Rine will read her “Voice of Democracy” winning essay.
The community choir, under the direction of Barb Morrison, will perform. Take your lawn chairs and patriotic spirit, and demonstrate your love for your country and appreciation for those who have served and those who are serving.
BES Awards
The Brownstown Elementary special awards were given out Thursday in the Brownstown High School gym as an audience of parents, relatives and friends looked on. Photos, names of recipients and award descriptions will soon be available.
Coming & Going
Catching Up with the Puleos & Debbie
Ken and Wanda Puleo and Debbie McDonald traveled to Odin to visit with Ethel Pittman on Thursday. She was doing well and had enjoyed the karaoke show given by the staff members at the care center. She also enjoyed watching some of the activity going on outside, such as people working in the flower garden, birds busy making nests, etc.
The Puleos stopped at the greenhouse south of Vandalia to pick up some plants to set out.
On Sunday, the Puleos and Debbie went to Brownstown High School graduation to see granddaughter Hannah McDonald receive her diploma.                   
As the Ramsey graduation was at the same time, they missed that of grandson Brandon McDonald, but were invited to the Mike and Tammy McDonald home afterward for a family celebration of Brandon’s graduation  and several recognitions and awards.
They enjoyed seeing all the relatives and friends on graduation day.  
Golden Years Club Enjoy Pastor Don’s Mushroom Feast
Twenty-two members and guests of The Golden Years Club were gathered at the club room last Tuesday, when the aroma of the morel mushrooms Pastor Don Thomas was cooking in the kitchen began floating in. Mouths began watering for the tasty treat, which Thomas had promised since the onset of mushroom season.  
As he is also the club president, he left his post at the mushrooms skillet long enough to welcome all present, and called on honorary member Jim Dann to ask the blessing.
When the meal was over, there were a few lonely mushrooms left, so evidently everyone got their fill or, more likely, were too polite to take the last ones.
Carolyn Grames brought fresh asparagus. which was a welcome addition to the many other dishes and desserts on the tables.  
Following the meal, Thomas called the meeting to order. Treasurer Donald Smail gave the financial report.
Smail also read a gracious thank-you note from Lucille Fisher in appreciation for the three trees given to her by the club for her 100th birthday.
Lucille said that no other gift could have been better, because other people can enjoy the trees for years to come.
She also thanked Smail for the $2 bill, adding that now she will never be broke.
The trees were planted in the Brownstown Park near the Veterans Memorial in her honor.
Thomas announced that the date for the desserts and ice cream social fundraiser has been set for June 29 on the club calendar.
Appreciation was voiced for Randy Meyer, who has been mowing the club lawn without charge.
Flo Allen announced the Summer Lunches for Kids will begin in June and will again be distributed from the United Methodist Church. Volunteers are needed.
Thomas announced Glenna Taylor will bring entertainment at the next meeting, on May 28.
Allen gave two humorous readings, and Dee Dee Diveley displayed a key with a very long shank/handle, remarking jokingly it as used for “locked bowels.” She also gave a humorous reading about bag balm entitled “One Balmy Day.” Several shared humorous stories about their grandchildren.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of the United Methodist Church was greeted by Jim Green, who stood in for Pastor Don Thomas, who was away.
Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Jeff Kelly and Junior Williams served as ushers. Green greeted all and shared the announcements. He also led the singing and delivered the morning’s sermon.
Following the hymn of decision, he led the prayer of blessing and dismissed the congregation.
Prior to the service, the Sunday school classes were led by Jenna and Zach Townsend, Renna Kelly, and Flo Allen.
• Sunday-Emmanuel/Brownstown UMC cookout at Emmanuel Church. Meat provided; take dishes to share.
• June 1, 8 a.m.-Rummage sale at the church. Meet at the church on May 31 to prepare; have items in by then.
• June 5 from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.-Summer Lunches for Kids will begin. School-age kids may go to the church for a sack lunch.