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By The Staff

Recap of 2012 (just the last 2-3 weeks)
Has a Higher Power been trying to tall me something – Is the electronic age rebelling against me … or is it my hair (which sometimes seems to attract electric waves) ??
In recent weeks, # 1-Unsolicited by me, my laptop was being “updated” (apparently by Yahoo) every time I opened it for two days! Results? Many procedures were changed, including the one to e-mail photographs.
#2-Our landline telephone has not worked, thus our answering service was so garbled with what sounded like the Okaw River passing through it. We couldn’t understand whether a male or female was on the line, let alone understand the words. The company may have to put in a new line, we were told. It works off and on, so if I don’t respond to your call, I may not have received it.
#3-Then my computer, Yahoo, and Internet have all launched attacks, usually on my deadline days. One week, my Internet would not cooperate, which was not resolved by a call to the Verizon “trouble-number.” The trouble-number person could not figure out what the problem was, although I had questioned her about a light that I didn’t think looked as it usually did. She said no, that was as it should be and advised me to go to the store where said service was sold to me.  Therefore, I wrote that week’s column on a L-U computer in the office.  (Thanks, L-U.)   
The next day, we went to Effingham to the store and was told the little light should have been blue, rather then orange (as I had questioned).  A simple solution to the problem.
Rather frazzled by then, I told Bill that I needed a cup of Steak & Shake’s good  coffee.
#4-We had just got our order when the lights all went out, including the busy intersection traffic lights and all around us. This “blackout” also involved the Walmart, Menards and all the restaurants in the large area.
I wondered if I was the cause and we left quietly with no complaints or comments about the power failure in Effingham.
#5-Arriving home and starting up my computer to send more news and  photos to the papers, the message kept coming up on the monitor that “This message cannot be sent.” The news and stories would go, but the photos would not. I called the Internet trouble number and after several minutes, it was determined the photo problem was not because of Verizon, but a concern of Yahoo and I was given a number to call. (Haven’t got through there yet.).
#6-As we turned into our lane coming home from Effingham, we heard a sound from the back of the Jeep. There was a 12-inch wire curved on one end that had went into our tire, and air was coming out.
#7-I started to make coffee early Thursday morning and discovered that there was no power, on one side of the room. Bill checked the fuse box and although there were none blown he went ahead and replaced some with new ones.
He then discovered some of the new ones were not good.
So, as it wasn’t a fuse, he had to turn the power off  and on to look for the trouble. Don and Jill Jenkins came to visit, and Don and Bill found the problem  (a minor one) and we are in full power again.
This is the last day of 2012, and we are thankful that everything seems to be resolved, except for the photo-transporting problem, which I have to call Yahoo about.
But had not all these “bumps-in-the-road” of the last few days happened, there would not have been much to write about this week. Things could always be worse and if these are the worst things that happen to us, we have no complaints, only thankfulness and praise.
We wish all our readers a blessed new year.
In Answer to Inquiries
No matter where we go, we are asked how the critters are doing in this inclement weather. They are all doing well.
The barn critters seem to enjoy the brisk weather and snow. Rhonda and Blackie Hens are still not laying, but they deserve a break.
We do miss their nice, brown eggs, though.
Colder Weather Coming to Stay a While …
… so a suggestion made (by the weaker, feminine, sensible Homesteader) that  Smoky the (adorable) little donkey, come inside for the duration. It would be a shame if his long, pretty ears got frost-bitten. However, the suggestion was met with a laugh and a rather sarcastic answer by the male (rather obstinate) Homesteader.
Golden Years Members and Friends
The first Golden Years Club Meeting of the new year will be a soup dinner next Tuesday at noon. Soup will be furnished by the club, to be supplemented with desserts and side dishes provided by the members.
Sefton Unit HCE
The first meeting of the new year will be on Thursday, January 10, at 1 p.m.
Comings & Goings
Shirley Visits with Family
Chris and Carol Klitzing, and Corey Klitzing picked up their mother and grandmother, Shirley Klitzing, to travel north to spend Saturday and Sunday with Shirley’s grandchildren in Pontiac.
Flo and Randy Go to Odin
On Friday, Flo Allen and Randy Carpenter traveled to Odin for dinner with Flo’s daughter and family, Janice and Les Stanford, Jackie Vaughn, Jaden and Jacy,  Jeremy Roberts and Gracie.
Homesteaders Head North on Christmas Day
Bill and Panzi Blackwell headed north to Decatur to spend Christmas Day with Don and Jill Jenkins and family members: Jeremy and Lindsay Gatewood, Destiny, Gage and Emily, and Donnie and Brandie Jenkins, Zachery, Savannah, and Austin, and Lucy, the granddog.
A good time was had by all eating a variety of finger foods and dessert, opening giftss and watching the children enjoying theirs.  
United Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday worship.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted, shared the announcements, shared prayer concerns and requests, and led in prayer. Hubert Williams served as usher.
Thomas delivered the message and closed the service with a prayer of blessing.
Pam Orr led the children’s services, and Flo Allen led the adult class.