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By The Staff

By Panzi Blackwell

(Still) “Too Many Irons In The Fire”
I used that phrase in the column recently, after a particularly hectic week and mentioned I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but it seemed to fit the occasion.
Janet Jones of Ramsey called with the following information regarding the origin and meaning: It is a blacksmith term meaning that if the smithy was working on several projects, all of which needed an “iron (heating)  in the fire,” he may get confused if he placed them all into heat at the same time.
I didn’t get confused, but I certainly had too many irons in the fire to do all justice, so the phrase did fit the situation. Thanks to Janet for enlightening me…now if I can just “lighten” the load of my “must do’s.”
Correction & Apology
In last week’s Liberty Christian Church news, it was incorrectly worded in the column, “Birth-Evan Tyler was born July 7, 2010, to Tony and Vicki Bearden.” The correct announcement stated in the Liberty Church bulletin read “Evan Tyler was born July 7th, 2010. Proud grandparents are Tony and Vicki Bearden.”  Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.
4-H Clubs Recognition Day
The area 4-H Clubs, Sefton Clovers and South Side Kids, will be recognized at the annual Sefton Unit HCE (Home & Community Education) 4-H Recognition Day meeting next Thursday. The kids are invited to show and tell about their fair projects. Their parents and leaders are also welcome. Refreshments will be served.
This ’n That
A Refreshing Step Back in Time
Early one morning last week, I pulled on my rubber boots to take “Pricey,” the Great Pyrnese (who is recovering very well from her surgery), out for her walk. There were lots of puddles from the rain the night before and I noticed Pricey skirted around them, evidently not wanting to get her big, furry feet wet.
As I had my rubber boots on, I just waded through them and discovered it was an enjoyable experience, something I hadn’t done in several years.
After taking care of Pricey (feed, water, treat, petting. etc.), I went back to the puddles and splashed around in the yard and down the lane. As the sun was getting brighter, I could see the reflections of the tree tops against the blue sky and white clouds-beautiful in the mirror-like puddles of water.
Our lane and yard held many such miniature, and some larger, masterpieces as I walked back to the house.
A wonderful, peaceful and spiritual way to start the day. We all need to get out once in a while and just wade in the rain puddles, and notice the beautiful works of art in the reflections.
A “Mysterious Mailbox Visitor” Strikes Again?
A Little, fuzzy, white teddy bear had climbed into the pink Homestead mailbox, complete with red bow and collar in mailbox. Wonder who helped her up. Was it the mysterious one who left the dogs. “Fuzzy” has taken her place by the doggies on my desk. Could the same vehicle have delivered her?
Bill, the Watermelon Man…
…and also author of several delightful children’s books. Bill Durr gifted the Homestead with one of his delicious, home-grown watermelons. If he does anything better than grow watermelons, it is writing stories about his (and his dog’s) adventures from his boyhood days.
Hello, Texas!!
During a recent visit to Greenville, we met a lovely lady in the DQ who reads our column in her home in Texas. Her name is Karen Little, and she is formerly from the Bond County area. She was here visiting the area and is also related to the Little family in Fayette County.
…and cousin Brenda
   We also ran into cousin Brenda Snow at the DQ and had a nice chat with her.
                                               Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Luke Robinson, Frank Stringfield, Evyn Barker, Malanie Parkison, Randy Carpenter, Norma Willms and Joseph Younker.
Anniversaries: Joe & Erin Klug, Tom & Teresa Mayes, Dave & Barb Morrison, and Junior & Catherine Carson.
Appreciation Dinner for Steve Storm
Steve Storm was recently the guest of honor at the appreciation dinner held for him by First Christian Church. Storm had served as youth minister for four years. A large crowd attended,  and he was the recipient of many cards and gift
Meet Michael Watson…
…the new associate youth minister at Brownstown First Christian Church. A recent graduate of St. Louis Christian College, he has moved to our community and will be working with the various youth programs at First Christian. He will also be attending Lincoln Christian Seminary one or two days a week.
Coming & Going
Flo, Shirley and Phyllis Have Lunch Out
Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing and Phyllis Pryor were joined by Anita Smith and Dorothy Harpster for lunch at the Los Amigos Restaurant in Vandalia Monday.
Lucille Eats Out…at Dave’s
Lucille Fisher reported that her grandchildren, Mike and Maria Klitzing, and great-grandchildren, Logan and Emma, ate Sunday dinner with her at “Dave’s,” a.k.a. Good Old Days Diner.
Visits Sister Ava
   Bill and Panzi Blackwell visited in Mulberry Grove with his sister Ava, recently.
Mahon Family Enjoys Special Reunion
The descendants of John and Pearl (Rine) Mahon met on Saturday, July 24, at  Brownstown Elementary School for a reunion.
The day was spent visiting, eating and getting acquainted with new babies and new in-laws. This reunion was made special by the attendance of the only living child of John and Pearl, 90-year-old Alda Watts of Raymore, Mo. Although her eyesight is poor, she enjoys good health, is optimistic and jolly, and resides in an assisted-living facility in Raymore.
Those attending were: from the Lester & Lena (Calvert) Mahon family: Mary (Mahon) Fetgatter, her daughter, Pat Verhle, and granddaughter, Glenda Ridenour, from Carmi;
from the George & Clida (Stein) Mahon family: Dan & Shirley (Mahon) Moore from Decatur;  and Jim & Joan Mahon from Alamo, Texas;  from the Charles & Virginia (Mahon) Hoy family: Charles and Mary Hoy from Branson, Mo.; Theresa Smith, her son, Brandon Juluis, and her daughter and son-in-law, Ashley and Robby Kinney; Doris (Hoy) Martin and daughter, Shelly Duncan, granddaughter Virginia and her twin babies from Hamel; from the Herbert & Fern (Albright) Mahon family-Joann (Mahon) Strobel, her daughter, Bill & Cathy Smith from Brownstown; her daughter, Karen Underwood from Beardstown;  Jerry & Delores Mahon from Alamo, Texas, their daughter, Mike & Kristy (Mahon) Collins, of Bethany; Cheryl (Mahon), and her husband, Lee Jones, their son, Darren & Jenny Jones and Chloe; their son, Justin and Tammy Jones, and Sydney from Springfield and Chatham; from the Jesse Mahon family-Anita Mahon of Vandalia and grandson, Andrew Daley; and from the Derald & Alda (Mahon) Watts family-Alda (Mahon) Watts, her daughter Beverly Sparks, and granddaughter, Angela Weber from Raymore and Peculiar, Mo.; her daughter Kathy Firl of Springfield, Mo.
Golden Years Club Meets, Plans Fundraiser
Twenty-five members signed the register as they met for a potluck meal and meeting on Tuesday, July 27. Club President Charlie Reece gave the welcome and asked Jim Dann, pastor of Liberty Christian Church, to ask the blessing.
Following the cleanup detail by Donnie Smail and his K.P. Crew, Reece called the meeting to order and asked treasurer Smail to give the club’s financial report. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary Bonnie Kramer.
As a fundraiser for the club, cutlery and other kitchen items may be ordered from a book (Rada). Knives have been ordered through this company in the past with good results and satisfaction with the products.
The Golden Years Quilters had completed another quilt to be raffled off as a fundraiser for the club during its November bazaar.
A card was signed by all present to be sent to Marge Weiss.
Smail gave the following readings: “It Pays To Be Ignorant,” “Yurkey Cabbage Rows” and “Thank God, I’m Alive.”
Flo Allen read a food article on the wok. Berniece Bosomworth read an article entitled “Big Deal.”
Four from Sefton Unit HCE Attend Board Meeting
Four of the Sefton Unit HCE members attended the Fayette County HCE Board meeting on July 26 at the Extension Office in Vandalia.
Attending were Flo Allen, president; Phyllis Pryor, first vice president; Shirley Klitzing, cultural enrichment & international director; and Panzi Blackwell, public relations. Also answering the roll call were: Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter, treasurer; Anita Smith of Vandalia Day, community outreach; Irene Reed of Wright’s Corner, family issues; and from Wheatland Joyce Moore, co-second vice president, and Karen Hyde, member-at-large.
Allen called the meeting to order and led the pledge to the flag. Blackwell read the minutes, which stood as read. Harpster gave the financial report, citing expenditures and beginning and ending balance. The report stood as read.
First Vice President Phyllis Pryor reported she had not yet received all of the information on the current officers needed to complete the HCE book. Co-Second Vice Joyce Moore requested information on new or discontinued members. A new member, Elaine Dunn, has joined Vandalia Day.
Smith reminded the board that Christmas cards for the military should be prepared on a time, to be determined. Thanksgiving was suggested as a deadline. Also, the size of paper with a holiday message should be 8 inches by 11 inches, with the sender’s name and address on back, should contain encouraging words and cannot be put in envelopes. Regular Christmas cards may be sent, but no envelopes.
Smith also announced that Vandalia Day Unit was going to help in a community project of making sandwiches for children. Shirley Klitzing reported that she is still working on program for International meeting. Irene Reed suggested she will get information to contact a speaker.
Irene Reed, family issues, reported that the HCE project of collecting soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House should be continued. The collected tabs now have to be weighed instead of counted. Flo Allen said she verified at the post office that a plastic gallon bag filled with the tabs, weighs approximately 2 pounds. She suggested using this as a guideline.
Allen displayed a centerpiece to be taken to the conference in Mt. Vernon on August 19th. All present signed up to attend the conference, which will offer workshops and lunch. A car pool was discussed and arranged.
Allen presented a letter received from Vandalia Main Street asking HCE to participate in the Sept. 25 annual Corn Day Festival, at a cost of $25 for a for-profit vendor space, or $10 for a non-profit vendor space. After discussion, a motion was made and seconded not to participate. The motion carried not to participate. A discussion followed regarding possible fundraisers, with no definite action taken at this time.
Allen displayed a plastic bag sent to her to send discarded cell phones to be used for the military.
A thank-you note from Janet Lusch, regarding the death of her mother, Vi Beard, was circulated.
Karen Hyde read a Decatur herald newspaper clipping warning about scam artists posing as members of county sheriff’s departments to collect donations. The article stated that  county sheriff departments do not collect funds in this manner. The article contained a telephone number to call, 1-800-840-2776, to report if approached.
Hyde read an article, “Just A Mom.”
The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of Liberty Christain Church was greeted by Bill and Elvera Robison, and welcomed by Jim Dann with the call to worship. Erin Klug, Teresa Mayes and Kathy Willms led in songs of praise, accompanied by Eddie Carson on drums, Connie Largent on piano, Tammy Carson on keyboard and sound by Dan Largent. Dana Dann gave the Power Point. Jim Dann shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. The Liberty Men sang a special, and Jim Dann delivered the message.
John Willms led the Communion meditation and prayer. Brad Smith led the offering prayer. Jim Dann shared the announcements and Bill Robison gave the benediction.
Also serving: serving at the table: Bill Robison, John Willms; serving the congregation: Brad Smith, Frank Stringfield, Bob Buzzard, Craig Daughtery, John Grames, Charlie Moore; assistants: Mark Schaub, Tom Mayes;  ushers: Mark Schaub, Brian Smith; power point: Dana Dann; nursery: Keri Holding, Communion preparation: Tammy Carson; and Communion rounds: Dave Morrison, Kyle Anderson.
50th Wedding Anniversary
   You are invited to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Junior and Catherine Carson on Aug. 15, from 2-4 p.m. in the Liberty Church fellowship hall. Please, no gifts.
Youth Kickoff Weekend…
…Aug. 28-29. It starts Saturday with a cookout and swimming. Sunday morning-worship together. Sunday night-“The Lads” will be at Liberty. There will be singing, dancing, comedy and lessons about Jesus. Afterward-outside for a fireworks display.
“Shine for Jesus” Car Show…
… hosted by Brownstown First Christian Church on Saturday, Aug. 21. Registration begins at 8 a.m., and judging begins at 10 a.m. The entry fee is a $5 donation. All motorcycles, tractors, trucks and all types of cars welcome. More information is on the bulletin board.
Bow Hunter Rendezvous…
… is set for Sept. 17. More info to follow.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The Brownstown United Methodist Church began the morning worship service with the prelude played by pianist Bette Stolte.
The altar candles were lighted by Bradley Schwarms and Jarin Evans. Pastor Bigley welcomed those present. Following the announcements, birthday blessings were sung for Ruby Thompson. Prayer concerns and praises were voiced, and Bigley led in the opening prayer.
Jeffrey Kelly was liturgist. Bradley Schwarm and Hubert Williams received the offering. Bigley delivered the sermon following children’s time. He served Communion, assisted by Jeffrey Kelly and Bradley Schwarm. He closed the service with the benediction. Jenna Townsend led children’s worship and fellowship before their Sunday school classes. Other class leaders were Renna Kelly, Flo Allen and Louella Christensen.
• First Thursday Call to Prayer and Fasting, inspired by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer’s Cabinet address at Illinois Great River’s Conference on Aug. 5. The August focus is “Beginning Back to School” with prayers for students, teachers and staff.  
• United Methodist Women will have a business meeting at the church on Aug. 19, at 7  p.m., to set 2011 pledge and elect 2011 officers.
• Food pantry items for August – 1 box breakfast cereal. 1 large can 100% fruit juice, 1 box oatmeal.
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by the Palecek family and Laura Willms. Susan Smith, assisted by Don Lovett and Judy Pilger, led the song service, accompanied by Robin Lovett, pianist; Mitchell Smith on drums; and Kaitlyn Enlow on the flute.
Jennifer Lovett contributed special music, which was followed by the morning message, delivered by John Robinson.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Laura Willms; toddler worship-Rae Lynn Koehler and Barb Tackett; and Communion to shut-ins-Don Willms, Terry Smith.
Coming Up
• Bridal shower for Adrienne Smith – Sunday at 2 p.m. at the church. Everyone is invited. She is registered at Kohl’s, Target and Walmart.
• VBS Swimming Pool Reunion is Saturday, Aug. 14, from 6-8 p.m., at the Vandalia Swimming pool. More info on posters.