Brownstown Alumni Reunion

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By The Staff

The Brownstown Alumni Reunion was held on Saturday, July 16, at the American Legion in Vandalia.


Approximately 212 alumni, spouses and guests attended the social hour, dinner and/or dance.
Those attending included:
Staff – Betty Della Pontious, Jennie Alice Harner, Betty Springman, Judy Watson, and Charles and Shirley Keaton.
1936 – Cecil Williams.
1938 – Cleo Westphal.
1940 – Elwin “Cobs” Koehler.
1943 – Marjorie (Williams) Harre and Edwin Philbrook.
1944 – Roy Breedon, Bill Morton, Farrol (Hazenfield) Philbrook, Brock and Madelon (Hart) Fisher, and Elmer Feezel.
1945 – Martin Behrends.
1946 – Geogianna (Feezel) Schultz and Shirley (Logue) Aszman.
1947 – Lorene (Carrico) Clymer and Bobby Crye.
1948 -  Don Willms, Erma (Rush) Budlove, Hubert Williams, Sr., Betty (Francis) Schaub, Fairy (Morton) Fogler and Margaret (Stine) Austin.
1949 – Betty (Lawson) Williams and Donald McMillan.
1950 – Ellen (Koehler) Willms and  Normalee (Willson) Terry.
1951 – Shirley (Smail) Cambell, Phyllis (Pruett) Smith, Helen (Black) Murphy, Lois (Fair) Koelmel and Wilma (Brazle) Kruger.
1952 – Ina (Feezel) Abendroth, Alvin McMillan, Joyce (Craig) Garrison and Shirley (Black) Mattes.
1953 – Bill Voisin, Glen D. Vaughn, Elizabeth (Behrends) Kastens, Joyce (Bennyhoff) Black, Phyllis (Miller) Pryor and Darrel Sidwell.
1954 – Floyd and Donna (Sidwell) Jordan, Elaine (Forster) Dunn, Joann (Mahon) Strobel, Shirley (Logue) Vogel, Art Stine and Phyllis (Forbis) Bruno.
1955 – Jimmy Kistler, Andy Pullen, Yvonne (Patterson) Watkins, Betty (Fulton) Smith and Ray Radliff.
1956 – Connie (Gray) Eakin,  Carol (Miller) Oldham, Robert and Faye (Sefton) Schwarm, Ted Harre, Iva Mae (Stinebring) Beeson, Jerry and Georgia (Price) Fisher, Vernon Brazle, Flossie (Porter) Stanberry, Ronnie Gray and E. (Durbin) Hunter.
1957 – Clara (Sawyer) Becker, Carolyn (Biggs) Fulk and Tommy Hensley.
1958 – Mary (Hancock) Pullen, Anthony Springman, Bill Eubank and Jack Scott.
1959 – Raymond Stine, Mary (Harre) Miekle, Deanna (Holding) Miller, Jo Ellen (Stine) Frailey, Fred Bingaman and Larry Crotser.
1960 – Bill Grinestaff, Rita Miller and James Kenneth Morgan.
1961 – Dennis Tackett, Joy (Sidwell) Adams, Donald Davis, Karleen (Burnett) Fulk, Charles and Linda (Allen) Doehring, Ken Reiss, Connie (Washburn) Bingaman,  Stanley Oldham, Charlotte (Radliff) Crotser, Shelia (Smail) Hensley, Lynette (Branham) Satterthwaite, Bettie (Dowell) Scott, Richard Helm,   Jim Morgan, Sharon (Ledbetter) Harris, Norma (Baughman) Harris, Bobby Keenan, Carolyn (Smith) Grames, Gary Rigdon, Morgan Pryor Sr., Don Smail, Nancy (Opalka) Petersen and Eddie Haynes.
1962 – Joyce (Morgan) Eubank, Gary Watson and Bill Springman.
1963 – Virginia (Williams) Rigdon, Gary Hagy, Joe Smith, Henry Harre, George Hipsher, Nancy (Harre) Pryor and Terry Smith.
1964 – Donna Earth, Phillip Richards, Joe Diveley, Jerry Stine and Sharon Dolly (Black) Lawler.
1965 – Juanita (Stine) Workman, Mary Ann (Buzzard) Doehring, Pam (Harre) Orr and Virginia (Fisher) Wilber.
1966 – Tom Diveley and Fred Willms.
1967 – Linda (Manley) Hagy, Glen Pruett and Craig Clendening.
1968 – Donald and Jennifer (Schilling) Helm, and Sherleen (Harre) Jett.
1969 – Lynn (Sefton) Ferguson and Judy Hoover.
1970 – Kenny Tackett, Carol Ann Behrends and Kathy (Malone) Werz.
1971 – Charles Stine, Glenn Gurtner, Beverly (Jones) Jennings and Susan (Brazel) Smith.
1972 – Judy (Hipsher) Palacek.
1974 – Janet Ringering.
1975 – Javonda (Harner) Barnes.
1976 – Debbie (Behrends) Robbins, Betty (McIntyre) Roe and Deb (Goodson) Deal.
1979 – David Behrends.
1980 – Connie Harre and Sandra Stine.
1986 – Cindy (Morrison) White, Kyle Schwarm and Shelly (Frailey) Seaman.
1987 – Heidi Boley.
1988 – Theresa (Haynes) Wolke.
1990  - Clay Chandler.
1992 – Heather (Scholes) Biggs, Kris Biggs and Buffy (Willms) Chandler.
2004 – Davis Redman.
The meal was catered by Good Old Days Restaurant of Brownstown. Members of the Class of 2013, under the direction of class sponsor Travis Redden, assisted with serving drinks and assisted any guests requiring additional help.
Nancy Pryor, president of the Brownstown Alumni Association, presided over the business meeting. The terms of the current officers (Nancy Pryor, president; Virginia Wilber, vice president; and Sandra Stine, secretary/treasurer), will expire following the 2012 reunion.
New officers will be elected at the 2012 reunion.  Anyone who is interested in serving as an officer may contact Pryor.
The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Joyce (Morgan) Eubank. The silent auction Bomber Basket was won by Nancy (Opalka) Peterson.
Photos were taken of anniversary classes, oldest members in attendance, and past and present school employees. The alumni were able to order reprints, which would be mailed by mid-August.
Rich Cade of C Sharp Mobile Entertainment of Vandalia provided music for the dance from 9-11:30 p.m.
The 2012 Brownstown Alumni Reunion will be held on Saturday, July 21, at the Vandalia Moose Lodge.