Blood donors come out in bad weather

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My compliments to the people of our community.
The local Rotary Club sponsors a Red Cross blood drive six times a year, with Howard White and Larry Cable serving as co-chairmen.
The last one was Tuesday, Jan. 21. As you may remember, it was a very cold, blustery day, with snow and ice
The ladies from the American Legion Auxiliary always help serve the refreshments, but because of the weather, some were not able to come. Others stepped up to the plate to help.  Ladies from the Women’s Club are always there to register the donors, and they were there.
There is a shortage of blood at present. Several drives have been cancelled due to weather, but ours went on. Because there was no school that day, some teachers came to donate. The goal for the day was for 87 to register. We passed that with 115.
At the end of the day, we said to the Red Cross workers, "We think we had a good day." One of the workers said that we had a "very good day," and another one said we had an "awesome day."
My compliments to all the Rotarians that helped, the ladies that did the registration and served the food, and especially to the donors that braved the weather to come and give.
Red Cross officials say that our blood drive is always one of their best. This time, it was – despite the flu season and the weather.
Thank-you all. The life you save, may be your own – or one of your family members.
Mary White