Beth Smith honored for work at Brookstone

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By Panzi Blackwell

Elizabeth “Beth” Smith had an enjoyable history of working with seniors before she joined the staff of Brookstone Estates of Vandalia ... and she loves her job now.

She is the assistant executive director, and she far exceeds the official job description, as her main goal seems to be not only to fulfill her required duties, but to go beyond and give her best to ensure that the residents have pleasant times, whether it be outings, shopping or fun at home – their home, at Brookstone.
Meet Beth Smith, a facility director’s dream employee and the senior residents’ friend.
Describing  Beth
Shelley Dothager, the executive director of Brookstone, speaks highly of Beth,  commending her for all the extras she does for the residents.
The publication, “atLSN,” in which Beth is featured, commented, “Elizabeth has taken the activity program from bingo and crafts to a community calendar of events, aiming at entertainment, education and stimulating the seniors at Brookstone Estates.
“She has introduced the residents to experiences they had not enjoyed during their first 80-plus years of life. “
Dothager said that Beth has often taken her personal time and resources to take the seniors on special trips and tours. At Christmastime, she took residents to see Christmas lights at night in their hometowns and also took a 75-mile trip so they could see a spectacular light display.
Dothager also described Beth starting a scrapbooking club.
“The idea was to make scrapbooks of places she had taken the residents,” Dothager said. “But the residents wanted to use their own pictures and make their own scrapbooks. She used her time and her money, and went out and bought supplies so the residents would have what they needed.
“When it is their birthday, she will come in with the supplies they need for their scrapbook. Also, when it is anyone’s birthday, she will make sure they have a birthday cake and a personalized gift. She just goes above and beyond in everything she does,” Dothager said.
In Person
Beth said that she worked for many years as a manager in Section 8 Housing.
“It was totally different, but I was working with seniors. This involved renting apartments to seniors.
I liked my job, but this is totally different and much more rewarding.  They are a joy to work with,” she said.
“When Shelley gave me my job description, I got home and thought, ‘What am I going to do to entertain these people?’ But they are happy with anything you do for them and they are happy with any effort you put out for them.”
“Once,” Dothager said, “Shelley and her husband went to a unique restaurant called the Moonshine Restaurant. She came back and took a busload of the residents there, and they plan to go back in the future.”
They also went to see the world’s largest wind chime, have visited a dairy and a winery, and they “go shopping all the time,” all of this on Beth’s own time.
To prepare for these excursions and activities, she creates newsletters in preparation for the weekends and days out of the building.
The Management Staff Award …
… was awarded to Beth in recognition and appreciation for her devoted and special interest, caring, and going above and beyond her job description.