BCH Auto Detail is slo-pitch champ

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BCH Auto Detail earned the championship of Vandalia men’s slo-pitch softball league last Wednesday by defeating Liberty Trading, 9-4, in the title game of the league’s double-elimination tournament.

Shawn Harris and Justin Atwood were named the co-MVPs of the tournament after both had extra-base hits in the bottom of the sixth inning to break a 4-4 tie.

In the semifinals, Liberty beat Montgomery Plumbing, 13-1, to earn the right to face BCH in the title game.

Jon Lotz homered and doubled for Liberty in that game, and also had two doubles in the title game.

The final finishing order for the tournament was:
•BCH Auto Detail
•Liberty Trading
•Montgomery Plumbing
•Thomas Farms

Wednesday, Aug. 14
Championship game
Game 6
Liberty 4
•For BCH: Harris, 3B; Atwood, 2B.
•For LT: Lotz, 2 2B.
Game 5
Liberty 13
Montgomery 1
•For LT: Lotz, HR, 2B.
•For MP: Matt Wilkerson, 2B.
Monday, Aug. 12
Game 4
Liberty 22
Thomas 20
•For LT: Quenten Austin, 2B; Matt Frkovich, 2B.
•For TF: Kyle Hawkins, HR.
Game 3
BCH 14
Montgomery 2
•For BCH: Jordan Harmon, HR; Andy Hipsher, 2B.
•For MP: Brady McDowell, 3B.
Game 2
Montgomery 17
Liberty 11
•For MP: Jeff Lucken, HR; Jon Hawthorne, 3B.
•For LT: Lotz, HR; Jon Keck, HR; Brian Wilson, 3B.
Game 1
Thomas 1
•For BCH: Kyle Aukamp, 3B.


Thomas Farms, the No. 2 seed, won the Vandalia men’s slo-pitch softball single-elimination tournament last Tuesday to take the No. 1 seed in the championship double-elimination tournament that began this week.

Thomas Farms defeated Montgomery Plumbing, the No. 4 seed, 17-7, in the championship game. Dallas Gray had a triple and a double, and Mark Lewis doubled to lead the offense.

Gray was named the MVP of the tournament after collecting four extra-base hits in two games.

In the semifinals, Thomas Farms edged No. 3 seed Liberty Trading, 19-18.

Gray had a pair of doubles in the game, but Marcus Smalls had two home runs and Lewis had three triples. For Liberty Trading, Quenten Austin had a triple.

In game one, Montgomery Plumbing upset No. 1 seed BCH Auto Detail, 4-3.

Tuesday, Aug. 6
Thomas Farms 17
Montgomery 7
•For TF: Gray, 3B, 2B; Lewis, 2B.
Game 2
Thomas Farms 19
Liberty 18
•For TF: Smalls, 2 HR; Lewis, 3 3B; Gray, 2 2B.
•For LT: Austin, 3B.
Game 1
Montgomery 4
Monday, Aug. 5
Final regular-season games
Game 1
BCH 11
Thomas Farms 2
•For BCH: Justin Atwood, 3B; Shane Depew, 3B.
Game 2
Thomas Farms 7
•For BCH: Greg Mitchell, 3B; Kyle Aukamp, 3B.
•For TF: Kyle Hawkins, 2 HR; Gray, HR; Smalls, HR.
Game 3
Montgomery 9
Liberty 6
•For MP: Leyton Godoyo, 2B.
•For LT: Derrick Herker, HR.
Game 4
Montgomery 10
Liberty 8
•For MP: Goodyo, HR.
•For LT: Tom Sutton, 2B.
Final standings
•BCH, 23-1
•Thomas Farms, 16-8
•Liberty Trading, 8-16
•Montgomery, 6-18
•Stout Adjustment, 4-20