Area corn looking 'extremely good'

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By Dave Bell

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, area farmers were watching their once-promising corn crop wither away to nearly nothing.
In 2013, it’s an entirely different story. And a much happier one.

“Right now, the corn looks extremely good,” said Ron Marshel, Fayette County Farm Bureau manager. “It’s had adequate moisture, and is starting to fill out nicely.”
He said that the timely rains have pretty well “set” the corn – assuming the area dodges windstorms, hail and other potential calamities in coming weeks.
Harvest may be slightly delayed because of the cooler weather the area has had this summer, he added. But that shouldn’t present any problems.
“Some of the corn was planted later than normal because of the frequent rains we had this spring,” said Marshel, “and the cooler weather we’re having now will slow down the development. We just haven’t had the growing-degree days that corn needs.”
Soybeans? Well, that’s another story.
“Soybeans are all over the board,” Marshel said. “We have everything from full-size plants setting pods to plants that are only as high as your ankles.”
More will be known about probable corn and bean yields after the Farm Bureau’s annual crop survey is conducted on Sept. 12.
“This kind of year will definitely help the whole ag sector,” Marshel said. “Last year, ag suppliers (fertilizer and fuel dealers) were hurt. This type of year should help everyone.”