After trying it our way, it's time for repentance

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Minister's Forum

Christians are crying out that our country was founded on Christian principles by men and women who were Christians.

The Word of God and the worship of God were foremost in declaring us a free and independent people. We should maintain that tradition.
Liberals are shouting back: "Who cares! We are a new generation and a modern people. We are enlightened. Why should the stance of our forefathers have claim on us today?"
Does our Christian heritage matter today? Should we not opt for new ways in a new generation? Why should our past bind us now?
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD." (Psalm 33:12) "Righteousness exalted a nation,  but is a reproach to any people." (Psalm 14:34)
As long as God is on his throne, his ways matter. We have no other sovereign, king or president who can override God's judgments or decrees.  
God calls men and nations to account, and he judges all.  Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece and Rome were judged,  and because of their sins, their power was destroyed. Sodom and the five cities of Plains, Tyra, Nineveh and Babel were judged. Only one kingdom endures forever, and that is the kingdom of God, which is ordered by the laws of God's holiness.
Our nation should not be bound by our Christian tradition and heritage. It should be bound to the God of our heritage. God blessed America bountifully when it obeyed his Word. God honored the prayers of the faithful. Crime rates were considerably lower. Natural disasters were less frequent. Violence in the streets and schools were unheard of. Abusive homes and divorce was slight. Drugs were hardly available. Economics were not an ongoing problem.  Our nation was strong, revered and respected by the world.
Immorality has made us detestable to the world. We suffer economically, politically and religiously. Turbulent and unstable is our society today.
The "live and let live" philosophy sounds ideal, but the fact is that a society must stand for something if it is to be strong.  Sin never satisfies. Letting each person do what is right in his own eyes will take us straight back to the constant decay of the Old Testament book of Judges.  Let one person or group live their own way, and sin will seek further indulgence of itself. Sin is not satisfied with a minor infraction. It will grow until it manifests itself in irreparable debauchery. Because sinners refused to acknowledge what they knew of God, they became darkened and were turned over to reprobate minds.
Yes, indeed, we should be faithful to our roots. Who we are today depends on where we came from yesterday. Our fathers were not unlearned and ignorant men. They had reason to establish our nation as they did. That God blessed our nation is indisputable. We have deviated from God's Word, lost control of our home and have suffered accordingly.
We must have national repentance. Sin is a reproach to any people. Turn to God. Perhaps he will heal our land. If not, he will attempt to heal you. Go to church. Worship. Live for God. Testify of his goodness.
It is imperative that all those who believe in Christian principles, whether they practice those principles or not, turn back to God, church and moral behavior. It is time to speak out.