Adopt tree in park to water during drought

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Letter to the Editor

I am writing this to all the citizens of Vandalia who love and respect our city parks as I do.
I am not usually a person to ask others to do things that I can do myself. However,
I would like to suggest that we all band together to save the trees in the parks. If everyone would take a few minutes to water their favorite tree (especially the young trees), maybe we can save them from dying during this horrible drought.
It’s obvious with each passing day of 100-degree temperatures, the trees are suffering, and some have died. Theses trees were very costly to plant, and some were planted with emotional love in honor or memory of a loved one. Simply filling your two-gallon sprinkler can could keep us from losing any more trees and preserving our beautiful park.
Along with the help of Paul Willms, I have been transporting water to the evergreen tree planted for my dear wife. In addition, I have placed mulch at the base to hold the moisture in the roots. I am sure there are many other trees in the park that could use the “one-on-one” attention that I have devoted to our “Mrs. Claus” tree.
When you are going for your walk on the path through the park, please take an extra moment to water a tree.
Hopefully, when the heat wave is over, our trees will have survived and we can continue to enjoy God’s creations.
Carlos Biellier